ao3 work not showing up

I see a higher Subscription number than Bookmarks. I actually prefer to completely finish writing a work before I post, but recently started spreading out the days I posted the chapters, to make the last work a little more visible. AO3 has less of a community than I get the feeling that on people are more inclined to review and leave concrit because AO3 readers seem to expect more of a "finished" product.

This rant is ridiculous for even trying to blame readers of a site for "Not reading the actual good fics that people should read instead of your shitty smut fics!".

Fun character moments between people that aren't romantic but still can be hilarious/heartwarming/heartbreaking! Editing scripts through Tampermonkey is not apparently allowed.

Alternatively if your writing is damn good, it won't matter too much if you write for some small, obscure fandom. So until recently I only subscribed to fics, never bookmarked. It is strictly an archive. Hope this helps someone avoid the pitfalls into which I tripped face first. Whenever you redate your fic, the fic is moved to the proper spot chronologically (barring bugs, etc.).

Just on my own stats, around 30% of what I've posted is gen, and out of the stuff that I have with a pairing listed, nearly half are rated general audiences and only touch on the romantic relationship involved (like a married couple naming a baby or buying curtains or other ridiculous nonsense like that).

Is there a delay? There is no gatekeeping, and any person who bangs out a few hundred words on a keyboard can post their work for other people to read, meaning that the 99% of the works that are crap flood the market. Okay, I guess I have the unpopular opinion in the group, but here we go - 99% of everything is crap. Click on the tag that you think your work should fall under. What Gandalf think if he met Dumbledore? It's not like you have to add sex to get noticed. :(.

Where as when looking at your bookmarks list you can.

AO3 treats chapter drafts as having been published the day they're created, not the day they're posted, and sorts them accordingly. See if it's there.

Other useful Plugins: FanFicFare can call Generate Cover to generate custom covers for downloaded stories. Sex sells, people like reading sex and people like writing sex.

Always tag both, or you miss out on readers like me who search by character. (She's tagged every single one, and the tag list alone fills my monitor. 2. "My experience on Android devices is, this still works but some shenanigans are required. Well-written one shots also have the disadvantage of only showing up in the most recent listing once.

If they came to read some sex, they're not going to click on the genfic because that's not what they're about.

I do use AO3 without it, when I'm (for example) killing time at work, but I don't tag surf without it. And I like that feedback.

Fan fiction is particularly difficult to sort through the crap for a few reasons: The older a work is, the more time people have had to read it, and the more kudos it gets, leading it to be at the top of he heap when newcomers to the fandom hit "sort by kudos," which can leave newer fics at the bottom of the pile.

You can't force people to read what they don't want to read. ... i posted an oneshot of a wlw rarepair in my fandom back in february.

It should be pointed out that compared to AO3, they have a significantly smaller audience than say, ffnet. I was used to seeing just one fandom tag (unless its a xover), so that was something I had to get used to, but now I understand why they do! That's anecdotal, I guess.

Heck, my most popular story is totally gen. And in Avengers, which I'm guessing might be one of the big ones everyone complains about being low-quality smut. I'm not even talking about my own fics at all. In my current fandom, I read more smut than gen, but in a couple of my previous fandoms (especially Supernatural, because I couldn't stomach most Wincest and left the fandom before Destiel got popular) it was the opposite.

And then going back it explained it on the main AO3 Savior script page, but only in such a way that I understood it after having it explained to me.

However, if you: Excellent explanation! But its been like this for a while. I have a few that put my stories in a translator, they write a comment in their language and put it in a translator again so they can leave a review in english ... like that is fucking sweet. We can only wrangle tags, not works.

I'm using admob for showing android ads.

When a fic is good, it gets recommended and circulated pretty quickly, but you have to put it out there.

AO3 has the best pairing filter out of all fanfiction sites, so that's often where people go to get their fix of romance fics. I mean, it does make sense from the practical perspective. The reverse is not true: works listed only under "All Media Types" show up under "All Media Types", nothing else. I've recently had an urge to "jazz up" some of my fics on AO3.

I don't know, I've found a lot of great gen on there, and I've also posted a fair amount of gen as well. Distributed Proofreaders: Proofreading for Project Gutenberg, LF POC history, fashion, and costuming youtubes, Fic: the sand road we walk (the beauty and trauma remix), Meta Rec: The Flawed Fantasy of the Chosen One by Margaret Owen, Period Fic Primer: Mawwiage is what Bwings Us Togethah Today, make sure on desktop that the config script is how you want it, select-all and copy-paste the config script to an email draft or cloud document or something that you can save on desktop and open on mobile, create a new script on mobile and paste in the config script from that document, select-all and copy-paste the config script to an email draft or cloud document or something that you can save on desktop and open on mobile. AO3 lacks the social media aspect that has - there are no forums where you can plug your latest fic. Because if you're not writing it for you, then why bother? There's like a million different tags and I have no idea what to even use on my fanfic. Search their 'browse tag' system. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Be the change you want to see in the fandom.

To draw more attention to your work, promoting on social media is a necessity. Thank you! Seems like no matter what you write about, no matter how original or however much effort is put into your story, if it's not taboo shipping smut it won't get any attention whatsoever. I've also been known to complain about how underappreciated many gen fics are and how few are produced compared to ship fics. For what I write, I actually prefer

AO3 is just newer and less used. The commenters on seem to feel the story. My main motivation for reading (and writing) fanfic is that I ship particular characters and want to see them together. I think a lot of fanfic readers feel the same way. Maybe there should be a limit of how many times somebody can change the date of one story? I guess I don't even really get the point of non-shipping fanfiction. Bad The scripts 'ao3 savior' and 'ao3 savior config' is not working I was browsing ao3 today and suddenly some blacklisted works were not hidden, so I followed the Debugging steps to reinstall the scr... Nika on 2017-04-25.

; FanFicFare can call EpubMerge to create and update Epub anthologies of several stories in one book. Yeah they are two separate things.

A lot of people just want to see their favorite characters bone. Maybe you have a lot of triggers and/or squicks.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. The vast majority of everything that's produced is awful.

My reviews were working fine until maybe last night or this morning. I think Ao3's kudos system, while making it easier to express some level of approval, has the unintended effect of cutting back on every other level. Warning tags on AO3 don't automatically sort your work into the most widely used tags related to the warning. As has been pointed out before, has a larger readership, so more people tend to read the story in general. The reverse is not true: works listed only under "All Media Types" show up under "All Media Types", nothing else.

I am late to the party here, but just wanted to weigh in a little as someone who loves both gen and smut. I believe the most popular fic is a novel length, ongoing fic in which she tries to hit every kink and fetish out there. The date has to be corrected before posting. I've found that it's easier to find well-written one-shots on AO3. Just like with pretty much everything else, it's all about networking and advertising. The date has to be corrected before posting.

As one of those "Low quality smut writers", I don't really mind that there's a site where you can find similar fics and get good feedback that isn't Great Strikethrough and Boldthrough of Livejournal. This is going to save me so much time excluding tags from my searches, and also prevent me from accidentally seeing the sorts of fics that can trigger me just from the tags/summary.

At least in my fandom, I see a lot more well researched and well written content on AO3. I just discovered that Subscriptions and Bookmarks are apparently not the same thing.

Still, the timestamp should be updated automatically on publish. In other words, a draft created a week ago and posted today will not push your work to the top of the stack, and manually fixing the date has no effect. (You could argue that the stuff on is more creative, but often at the expense of rather important historical events or logical characterization.). It's kind of terrifying.)

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