audi s6 v10 supercharger

This is pretty impressive, when you really think about it, because this Audi S6 was powered by a …

I am still surprised that no one has developed a supercharger package for the s6/s8. The car has been out since 2006 so I don't see anyone developing it either. call up and ask to speak with ray, tell him what you want to do RAI was the first person to put a blower on the v8 and does alot of sick work, It looks like people are willing to spend some money for power.! It would be nice if you could just buy the manifolds, turbos, ecu etc, you have to lower the compression ratio as well. The 5.2L V10 FSI platform in the S6 and S8 has a TON of potential that is just waiting to be unleashed using the arsenal of performance parts designed and manufactured by JHM. I've spent a bunch of time looking into this and it seems that the amount of work that goes in is pretty substantial.

When I say SERIOUSLY, I mean ready to commit to a substantial deposit. It would be wiser to buy a B4 S4 and taking it to Stage 3+. I gave him all the options of doing a SC, doing an rs6 conversion or building the engine and fabricating a fully custom turbo kit. It just may not be cost effective/technically feasible. Im in Europe with an S6 and have been considering the options, whether buying an RS6 to feed my need for more power or doing a motor swap which wouldbe slightly cheaper after finding a few motors for decent prices. How about selling the S6 then and buying an 2009 Avant RS6 (second hand) from Europe. To just motor swap.

It has recently come to my attention that the V10-powered Audi S6 from the mid- to late-2000s is monstrously cheap. I just did a VR6 turbo motor swap on my B7 A4 and I can tell you even doing the work myself I probably spent over $25,000 doing it. I haven't taken one a part but I would assume you would need to have pistons made because I don't know that a head gasket spacer would drop it enough. Stock RS6 is 10.5:1, the S6 is like 12.5:1. I've currently got a customer that wants to turbocharge his S6. So if there are "Tricks" to getting an RS6 into the US i need to know.. I posted the RS6 motor because honestly if you find one cheap enough it is less expensive to drop that in than have a supercharger or twin turbo done.

Whipple 140AX based twin screw supercharger for the Audi B7/ B8 RS4 4.2 V8, Whipple 140AX based twin screw supercharger for the Audi B8 RS5 4.2 V8, Whipple 175AX based twin screw supercharger for the Audi D3 S8 5.2 V10, Whipple 100AX based twin screw supercharger for the Audi 3.0T engine, Whipple Gen3 175AX based twin screw supercharger for the Audi/Lambo 5.2L V10.

On, 2011 Audi A7 | 3.0 TDI | Quattro | ABT Tune | 300 HP/580 NM | Phantom Black | Air suspension | ACC | S Tronic | Soft close | 19'' 10 Spoke Rims, He can't import an rs6 he would have to part it then put it back together state side, easier. valve bodies, torque converter, etc...) however it is an extremely inefficient system. The option of a blower or supercharger for the S6 would be amazing but unfortunately it is a high compression motor.

S6 / S8 - V10. It's never enough - I have over 620HP in my car and already it doesn't feel fast enough. It seems like there is interest out there if someone could develop a system in the $10k range that would pump out 80-100hp. The ESS TS-760 supercharger system utilizes a Whipple 2.9L lag free twin-screw supercharger capable of producing over 1000HP and cooled with our high capacity air to water cooling system. the JHM blower would probably run around $8-9k and will make as much power as the motor can handle. I would love to hear how you can adapt a V8 supercharged system into a high compression V10 in a few weeks.

didnt someone here bring one in through mexico? Im in Europe with an S6 and have been considering the options, whether buying an RS6 to feed my need for more power or doing a motor swap which wouldbe slightly cheaper after finding a few motors for decent prices.

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