bengal cat names

Einstein and Newton Now for some cool names for Bengal cats.

in Animals. From cool to unique, funny to simply awesome. Chester: a creatively amusing name for your ever-entertaining Bengal cat; Cheeto snack’s mascot Chester the Cheetah.

Our ten favorite Bengal cat names for 2019 are: Naming pets is something most people naturally gravitate toward. From gorgeous white tones to snow inspired settings, there are lots of wonderful ways you can name your white Bengal kitty. Nirvana: no, it’s not the band. Snow Bengal names can match their color, or simply be inspired by them. Bengal cat boy names don’t have to just be those you would traditionally associate with humans, of course.

Remember to always ask a veterinarian for help regarding all of your pets.

Discover the secret world of cats. From old fashioned to ultra modern, there should be something for everyone. You’d find a variety of names, and learn a bunch of more along the way. It’s up to you to pick a name that you love for your Bengal kitty. Ghost: If it’s as white as snow, why not name it like Game of Throne’s ghost.

Cats hold great importance in Japan; this goes to the extent of shrines called Neko-jinja, which are created to worship cats.

I go into detail on this topic in this article. Bengal cats share their looks with the great Indian Bengal tiger, so good tiger names can also be a perfect choice to name your Bengal cat. If you have any other name ideas, please post them in the comments! Bengal cat names girl kitties will suit can come from cutesy, tough or unusual female names. This grey almost metallic tone lends itself to some pretty great names. There are plenty of options to choose from — we’ve got over 200 options here. And they might well even suit one of these Tabby cat names! Sunset: The dim orange with a pinch of brown in the fur which almost resembles a sunset. This female name gives a royal touch to a Bengal cat. It’s quite likely you’ll be able to easily teach them to come when called and recognize their name. And of course, a Bengali name will be perfect for a Bengal cat! My Bengal girl is Diana. If you go to a ethical breeder, you will have no problem. Female Bengal Cat Names. First, we will help you narrow the names down in terms of the cat’s gender. If you want to know why they’re so special, check out our Bengal cat ultimate guide.

Male and female monikers, unique ones and based on animals' appearance.

And I think we’ve got some excellent ideas, regardless of the type of name that appeals to you. Wild Cat: More literally, you could always go for Wild Cat, Ocelot: the South American dwarf leopards carry a striking semblance to a Bengal cat, Margay: Another central/south American breed and endangered species, Leo: if leopard may seem too straightforward, Leo is a trendy short-form, Hunter: considering the heritage of Bengal cats, they could carry their legacy by name if not by traits. Whether you imagine your new pal as King of the Jungle or a cuddly couch companion.

Criminally good and breed befitting. And in today’s article, we’ll help you find the most exotic cat names for your Bengal. We’ve not forgotten you! There are 200 more cute cat names in this fun list. Then check out 100 more ideas for White Cat Names here. My silver spotted Bengal girl’s name is Diana. Let’s move onto some suggestions for some great male names if you have a male Bengal. Saber: not only is this name insanely cool, but it is also the name of a jungle cat, Geisha: An ode to the Bengal cat’s Asian roots, Shiva: A cosmic deity from the in Hindu triumvirate, Tao: A symbolic word in Mandarin, which is often used for cat names as well, Bengie: It’s a little wordplay on the name Bengal, Bengal: if she or he is of a particular spotted breed, Coco/Chanel: A luxurious brand name for a rare and regal breed, Prada: For the same reasons, you can also refer to it with another high-end brand name, Alani: Hawaiian for Orange Blossom tree, Alani is a gorgeous name and represents something with similar coloring to the Bengal cat, Blaze: A fun name for a breed with such striking coloring, Dorito: A silly, but a good name for a bright, playful Bengal cat, Boggle: for the mindboggling things cats do, Macchiato: for the coffeeholics that own spotted cats, Jot: a cartoon program so old it aired in the 60s, Nimbus: the glowing ring or a halo above the head, Freckles: means small brown patches on the skin, Pollock: a nod to American artist Jackson Pollock, Mia: from the French term gioia mia (my joy), Louie: from the world record holder frankenlouie. These unique names are for your fierce little Bengal kitten. Bengal cats are fantastic creatures and are like no other cat that you’d ever see. Well, there you have it, a list of 100 of some of our favorite names for Bengal cats. Ming: A classical name in the Southern and Eastern regions of Asia. This section covers the most popular cat names of the year. Previous article 120 Best Rat Terrier Dog Names; Next article 160 Best Redbone Coonhound Dog Names; You May Also Like. GADGETS & ACCESSORIES; LIFESTYLE; HEALTH & CARE; FOOD & TREATS; CAT NAMES; KITTENS; CAT BREEDS. But that striking coat can be a source of inspiration for Bengal cat names in another way too. Studies show that cats, house cats to be specific, respond to the sound of their name. Presenting a great list of some of the popular names for tigers or tiger-inspired names: 89. Black and Orange Cat – Guide To The Black And White Tortoiseshell Cat. Our cat care articles, tips and fun facts, delivered to your inbox. Scar: for the devious little kittens, and lion king fanatics, I recommend Scar. by Stella … Cheetos: speaking of which, this would make a great name in of itself. You can find 100 more Grey Cat Name ideas here. Tiger/Tigeress: it would be careless to exclude this name. April 13, 2019. In this article we will include: When it comes to Bengals you can’t talk about them without mentioning their incredibly beautiful coats. Don’t worry! Here are some fun ideas for cartoon big cat names: Finding the right name for your new cat is important, but it should still be a fun experience. Shadow: for your Bengal cat with dark spots, Honey: a double entendre; an accurate representation of a warm-colored fur and a sweet nickname, Amber: for the Bengal cats that have a cross of gold and orange, Harlequin: the harlequin patterned fur cat.

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