best unit to hunt caribou in alaska

There are generators for power, hot showers, outhouse toilets and sleeping quarters with cots. Let us set you down in wild country where you have more time for a successful traditional wilderness hunt. Caribou hunts for most Alaskans is a race along a narrow corridor highway, trying to harvest almost any legal animal before the hunt is closed. This was my third caribou hunt so I had a good idea of what to expect. A 7 day backpack hunt in our exclusive guiding area within the Ray Mountains. This is the main reason why Alaska hunts are upwards of ten days. The drive was incredible with a clear view of Mount McKinley to the north. A caribou is an excellent trophy to add to any hunt and a fine single species hunt for those new to Alaskan hunting. Caribou in Alaska are distributed in 32 herds (or populations) totaling approximately 950,000 animals. 2018 is looking great with the good news about the Fortymile Caribou population growth. With our Guides many years of experience in Alaskan Caribou hunting and knowledge of their habits, we can give you an edge on getting your Barren Ground Alaskan Caribou. (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), The National Park Service has specific regulations, The Science Behind the Moose Rut - Hunting Tips. Alaska Caribou tend to calve in the same general areas year after year, but migration routes used for many years may suddenly be abandoned in favor of movements to new areas with more food. All of these types of hunts can be very exciting, highly successful and an enjoyable experience in Alaska's great wilderness bush country. Patience is key here. With the decline of caribou herds in other areas of the arctic, we are pleased to offer these high success trophy hunts to our clients. Caribou hunts for most Alaskans is a race along a narrow corridor highway, trying to harvest almost any legal animal before the hunt is closed. But, as I neared my destination I could see low lying clouds off in a distance and thought “here we go again”. Requires advanced to extreme endurance and terrain or game pursued may involve dangerous situations. We also spotted a huge mountain grizzly feeding on berries along one ridge. /*
All other species harvested on trophy fee basis. This allows access to remote areas where mature animals inhabit that cannot be reached any other way. Early estimates number the Fourtymile herd around 568,000 animals. Expect to lose a couple of days to weather. Over the preceding 5 seasons, this herd has passed right through our hunting area during this time period, with thousands of animals pouring right through our camps!

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