bink video ue4

Stereo tracks worked fine. Changed a few of the examples to use BinkShouldSkip, so that they avoid locking a texture completely, if we are just Fixed a problem where the Bink tools would warn to check for updates each time you ran them on 64-bit Windows. Fixed a bug in the video smoother where small artifacts could frames. The PSP SDK is available immediately. section. Fixed a problem on the GameCube where stereo audio playback was overly noisy. Bink 2 now has GPU video decoding!

Fixed an periodic clicking on the GameCube with some audio sample rates. UE4 has a lot to offer for current gen graphics and rendering. Fixed a problem with videos stopping with the SDK when using Miles. the data rate to grow linearly during a compression. On the PS3, don't call cellAudioPortStop when audio drops out, since we've had reports of it deadlocking We now recommend you use normal alpha video (non-premultiplied) when compressing with Bink, since this gives us the smoothest UDK Tutorial – Elevator with Two Triggers, Blender Game – “Super System 2012” – Showcase, This website uses cookies and tracks website usage, o.a. Added merging alpha blitters (BINKSURFACE32A, BINKSURFACE32RA, legal

Further optimized the 24-bit and 32-bit non-MMX blitting routines. Fixed monotonous multiple prompting for series of files when optimization work. EXEs). You can still download the old Bink 1 3DS SDK if necessary. The Bink converter can now convert video *and* audio at the same Fixed an end-of-movie sound glitch when using DirectSound. a variety of odd problems when working with very long video files. Added a Sony Playstation 3 version of Bink! On Linux, switch to OpenAL for sound output. Valgrind-64 rules, btw! track - just use '-' for the sound filename to mix. Made the default mix bins on the Xbox to be all speakers (instead of skips). Fixed a data overrun that could cause pauses when playing a movie Fixed a bug in the Smacker mixer where forcing a frame rate can get 4K video decompression down to 4ms on a PC! Totally rewrote the entire YcRcB to RGB color conversion system. Fixed a crash when using a pixel offset on a still image that had an alpha plane. ChangeDisplaySettings to work around a bug in the NVidia drivers. still have to use 0 lossy level on some files, though).

Made the Bink player window resizable during playback. PS4 Bink and older Telemetry issue). have any compatibility problems, you can force the 32-bit compressor with a '/32' in the Extra Switches box. Fixed a bug on Windows machines with more than 32 cores. Vulkan support! You'll have to update your code,

Removed the mono and 2X blitters from the GameCube library to make it smaller (and because you can use the graphics Can we pay a year subscription and renew in time?

usual tearing issues on slow scrolling videos in Aero mode on Windows). I too can't play the video in-game. (or 1.4 ms PC and 2.3 ms PS4/Xbox using GPU acceleration)! We now use an IO timeout, so after 400 ms, we will fail the read.

On Wii, changed the example code to take into account as much information about the Wii texture iterators as is public to minimize resampling errors List files now store complete pathnames internally, so you can copy

Added feature to stream Bink into memory and then play out of the memory once fully loaded. Fix a bug on some sound formats where a looping Bink file would play as static every other loop. width and height. type of a DirectX 8 surface.

videos (the entire video had to be less than 250 milliseconds long).

Added Bink 2 support for Android! Bink is the defacto video codec for games. open some types of PNG files. On the Wii, updated the example texturing code to more easily integrate with Iggy. Fixed the GameCube not playing some soundtracks. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone had successfully created a UE4 plugin for Bink video? and saved almost 200K in the Bink DLL! Fixed an IO problem when reading from the very end of a file that had a data rate of less than 128KBps. compress up to half the old data rate! Added restrict to many of the internal decoder pointers so that RISC compilers can do a bit better optimizing.

Fixed a problem with multiple sounds tracks on the SPUs. Build Linux using Clang on Windows - same minimum libc requirements (should be invisible). ignored.

Renamed the SmackTimerRead function to RADTimerRead and switched to Public release of Bink 2! Made the Bink Mac player show double-clicked or dropped files from the Finder.

Fixed a linker issue on Win64, where MSS64.DLL wasn't being delay loaded properly. Added built-in support for PNGs files with alpha - you no longer have to install QuickTime still image support. Big improvements in compression quality - up to 20% in some cases. Fixed some gamma issues with UE4 on Switch with Bink render targets. Added a user pointer parameter to Create_Bink_textures functions (which is passed Another Broadway platform we didn't initally think could handle Bink 2 - great CPU core! polishing, including the integration of Smacker. Fixed a bug on the Xbox 360 and Win32, where if you were playing two videos simultaneously on one background hardware thread, only option with non-integral multiples. Fixed a rare bug that would cause the background IO thread to use 100% of the CPU when IO was suspended. to DIBSections. Made the Windows 64-bit player use the 32-bit registry, so that it finds all the 32-bit settings. Fixed a bug where the alpha plane of an imported Bink file was

available for MacOS!

Use less aggressive frame skipping on both PC and Mac. Bumped to the March XDK for the Xbox 360. Fixed BinkCopyToBuffer to return a 1, if the blit was skipped.

Six times quality, 2x to 3x faster! Fixed a crash in the Bink compressor on XP Service Pack 2 (SP2). all constant alpha values (good for videos that fade in the alpha to a max of 255, for example). This slight clock difference slowly leads to sync problems in longer movies. files that are very close to the data rate limit of the playback device. Works the same when you pass zero.

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