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We will start the story back in the year 1958 to the impoverished northern half of the Hyde Park neighborhood, the impoverished southern Kenwood area and in Englewood. These gangs would still retain their original name, but all groups would all have the last name of “Disciple.”  All other branches of Disciples outside of Englewood had their own President. The BDs also opened up in several Chicago land suburbs and in other states. BDs felt disrespected from their BGD brethren. Larry Hoover became the target for assassination attempts. Stones and Vice Lords had members testify against their own gangs too in these proceedings and caused Vice Lords and Stones to face prison time, but Mingo’s testimony failed to convict anyone, instead Mingo was severely beaten on the streets by the Disciples for snitching on his own kind.

Around this time when Folk and People was beginning the scattered settlement of BDs on the west side of Chicago finally came into fruition when they settled in the Henry Horner projects. [4] This brought about a rivalry between these two gangs as there was bloodshed in the streets immediately after they were created. In the year 1982, Mickey bull and the BDs took over the long standing Mickey Cobra buildings near 45th and State. Barksdale survived and went on to create the aforementioned alliance, eventually being named leader and King of the streets. By the later 50s blacks were moving into this area and southern Kenwood at a higher rate as this area became more affordable. Barksdale appointed Mingo as President of the Disciples in Hyde Park and Kenwood that became known as “East Side Disciples.”  Barksdale set to work absorbing several other small gangs on the south side turning them into Disciple gangs. Beginning in the year 1987, fierce competition and intense gang wars erupted in the high rise public housing projects city-wide. He was put in prison in 1973 for manslaughter charges then was released in 1975. Rimrod was killed shortly after the meeting along with other high ranking BDs but the BDs had grown stronger at these locations. This was a unity of the gangs so they could march on the government and demand equal rights, better jobs and all the oppression and poverty in their neighborhoods. This reduced the bloodshed in the streets until Mickey Bull was murdered in the streets by Gangster Disciples during August 1991.

* The first twist on the real name begins on 2 December 65, “David L. Barksdale” with investigation for aggravated battery. In 1969, he accepted Larry Hoover’s proposal and the two groups merged into the Black Gangster Disciple Nation (BGDN). As Larry Hoover was now sitting in prison while David Barksdale was the main face for the B.G.D.N in the streets David also started to become very ill. Colors of Hope is an eight-week series that features thought-provoking and reflection-oriented messages and practices. The Blue Fin BDs settled at Central Avenue and Division Street in the Austin neighborhood in the 2000s decade. There are many sources on the internet that can go into great detail about all the legit things the Black Disciple Nation and the Black Gangster Disciple nation did back in the 1960s that is very easy to find; therefore, I do not need to go into extended details about it but there was some positivity that came out of all of this. Larry Hoover then ordered Andrew Howard to kill him and it all happened at 68th and Union in the Englewood neighborhood in an alley, Young was shot 6 times in the head.

Arrested 14 August 69 for unlawful use of weapon, and defacing I.D., dismissed (Judge Mooney). The lowest ranking positions are the soldiers and representatives. * On 3 August 68 charged with criminal damage to property, but on 3 Nov 68 it is dismissed (Judge Zelezinski). } In the Robert Taylor Homes Mickey Bull was advancing in rank as a top Vanguard and was still running the buildings between 49th Street and 53rd Street, especially the 5 white buildings at 51st and State and the red buildings on 49th. There were over 2,000 Rebels and they were very racist toward blacks. In July 1976, Todd White had stopped in the Robert Taylors by the 4844 S. State Street building. These Mickey Cobras were known as the “Fidel Castro Mickey Cobras.”  The building that was taken was the 4844 building. Mickey was mild mannered and charming but he would also have no tolerance for those that crossed him. On 13 July 65 the arrest is for “resisting”, and again 28 July 65 “Resist. The BDs feared that this young of a member would snitch if he were caught by the police. His gives a home address of 8407 S. Morgan.

The first arch enemy of the Disciple was the “Rebels” which was a white gang of greasers in Englewood, West Englewood and Gage Park.

On 4 Sept 69 again for “mob action”, again dismissed (S.O.L., Judge Genesen). The two brothers were then convicted of the murder and a lot of attention ended up on the Black Disciples over this issue for a few years to come despite the BDs attempt to cover it up. Keith Cozart, also known as "Chief Keef", is a member of a faction of the Black Disciples. This action would increase the value of these neighborhoods and push impoverished black families out causing most of these families to move to Englewood. He ran that building and all the buildings around (Chicago Tribune, December 3, 1986). On March 16 both men were arrested and charged with the murder. GDs and BDs were allies at 38th and Ellis and all around the Ida B. Permanent leadership ranks also include the Minister, Assistant Co-Minister, and the Demetrius.

For the rest of 1969 the LSD coalition really set aside a lot of gang wars as they marched on City Hall, Universities and everywhere, until finally in January of 1970 they achieved some success in bringing about “The Chicago Plan” which was “An agreement to implement the employment of minorities in Chicago’s construction industry” (Chicago Building Trades Council, 1970). Baron Disciple member James Highsmith and Disciple co-founder Leonard Longstreet entered Parker High School even though they weren’t students. Paul knew the Roman law and mentioned it to the centurion, which brings us to the next part of the conversation: Mickey Johnson made sure not all of the Stateway Gardens became BGD and even convinced most of the Del Vikings to flip to BDs making the BDs have a strong presence in the Stateway Gardens, this is the story of how BDs got into the Stateway Gardens.

The Crack Cocaine epidemic of the late 1980s caused relations between the two gangs to completely break down, mainly because of the Crack trade in the Englewood neighborhood. In these programs there were both Disciple and Ranger instructors and students in these classrooms and sometimes gang fights and shootings happened in the classes. Mickey’s dynasty was the entire south side of Chicago, anywhere from Bronzeville down to the wild 100s was controlled by Mickey. Barksdale was very much feared and some even said just looking at him sent shivers up your spine. These boys were only 11-13 years old in age and they all sat down to figure out the name of this new organization. By the beginning of 1961 David Barksdale, also known as "King David", took sole leadership of the Devils Disciples and appointed different members to oversee different areas of neighborhoods. Similarly, 4 August 68 charged with resisting arrest and disorderly, again dismissed (Judge Zelezinski). [2] The death of King David led to problems within the Black Gangster Disciple Nation (BGDN). Before Bull went into prison he managed to convince several members of the Mickey Cobras from a 49th and State Street Robert Taylor building to become Black Disciples. The murders were done out of a taxi cab, yes a taxi cab the BDs actually shot them from a taxi cab which is one of the craziest ways a gang could do a hit on someone ever.

Most of the Disciples were also very mournful and wanted to continue growing a closer unity with the Gangsters but there was a large group of Disciples that didn’t agree with growing closer to the Gangsters and perhaps interpreted David’s teachings differently.

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