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The last one arrived 156 years ago. This story Authorities took action only after finding van filled with explosives. The former PM of Malaysia said that Muslims have the right to kill millions of French people.

Modern Masters ethically serves small businesses in metaphysical, paranormal, healing, spirituality, homesteading, acupuncture and other related fields. The governing ANC has endorsed a policy of expropriation of land without compensation. www.freedombuildersinternational.com, Ultimate Wealth Building Guide reveals 5 steps to create your own banking system to achieve lifetime financial security,certainty, and peace of mind in 60 days.

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Reporter Elijah Schaffer, who was beaten and threatened with a gun, says that he was attacked because he is white. Visit:  www.MoneyThatsReal.com, Free Report: Three Major Shifts That Signal Risks to Your Investments Are Headed Higher. Bitcoin is the currency of the 21st century. Your email address will not be published. Truth always will be defeated by tyranny unless we are willing to step forward and enter the battle. But that’s all there is. Rosemont Capital is the parent company of Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC – the entity which receive the Burisma payments and in turn aid Biden.

Bills-Business-Charity-Education-Artistic-Personal & more! When rules are unequally applied to people based on physical characteristics, it creates resentment by the group that is excluded, and it is divisive. Hunter also received $700,000 directly from Burisma and another $752,000 after Archer was arrested on fraud charges. Cases can be anything including someone with a cough or even someone who was close to someone who had a cough. www.Stayster.net, Are you ready for financial freedom? This website wouldn't be the same without the ethical web hosting provided by Modern Masters. The bank records show that, on most months when Burisma money flowed, two wire transfers of $83,333.33 each were sent to the Rosemont Seneca–connected account on the same day.

He exhorted people to start growing their own food to prevent the food supply from being used as a weapon.

Join the world’s largest shopping network. Source document contributed to DocumentCloud by Kenneth Vogel (The New York Times).

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Note she uses the word ‘cases’ not ‘infections’. CDC Study Admits COVID “Virus” Infects Only Poisoned Monkey Cells, Not Humans! Major cities across the US also are targeted for disruption in order to overthrow the government if Donald Trump is reelected. According to The New Yorker, in June 2013, "[Jonathan] Li, Archer, and other business partners signed a memorandum of understanding to create the fund, which they named BHR Partners, and, in November, they signed … The payments correspond to Morgan Stanley bank records the New York Times reported on earlier this year – submitted as evidence in a case against Archer who was convicted in a scheme to defraud pension funds and an Indian tribe of tens of millions of dollars. Go to http://banking-holiday.com, where you will get this book + their Banking Holiday book free. Dr. Margareta Griesz-Brisson MD, PhD, a world-renowned neurologist, says that to deprive a child’s or an adolescent’s brain from oxygen, or to restrict it in any way, is not only dangerous to their health, it is absolutely criminal as the damage is permanent.

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proof of any of this. President Donald Trump’s personal

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Protect yourself from the next crash with Bitcoin. press conference to air these allegations. The mandate creates a hierarchy, with the rule makers at the top, consolidating power. Dentistry ruins health by mercury fillings, root canals, implants, fluoride, pulling wisdom teeth, tooth extraction causing cavitations, ignoring cranial bones, pulling teeth for orthodontia, ignoring acidity that causes bone loss, etc. Request free report: [email protected] or find NoThanksIRS on FB/Twitter. Economic crash around the corner? That’s not Buy Book The Secrets of Body Language: An Illustrated Guide to Knowing What People Are Really Thinking and Feeling It was subsequently used to buy a $15 million bond from Wakpamni Town Center – the scheme linked to Archer’s overturned conviction. The documents Derkach produced don’t show that Rosemont Seneca then made payments to Joe Biden, so these allegations are lacking in evidence.

attorney, Rudy Giuliani, repeated the claims on The Sean Hannity Show on Fox Hard Reset Episode 16: Why run with bad information? www.Healthytherapy.com. Obama Admin Coached Anti-Trump Ukraine Ambassador On Biden Scandal, 4 Key Steps of Discernment – Advanced Truth-Seeking Tools, with the error and suggested correction, along with the headline and url, Biden Strategy: “”Count and Recount”” Every ‘Vote’ Until You Win, Oregon Decriminalizes Heroin, Cocaine, Meths, MDMA, LSD And Totally Legalizes Shrooms, No Matter Who’s the Winner, Mass Media Already Lost, Pollsters Revealed as FRAUDS as Liberal Media SUFFERS a MELTDOWN Over Biden FALLOUT (Video), Kids Are Turning to Blackmarket Sex-Change Hormones for Secret Transitions, Sun is Waking Up, Superflare Cycle, Galaxies Connected | S0 News Nov.5.2020 — Suspicious0bservers, NSA Dodges Questions About Controversial “Backdoors” In Tech Products. www.mywealthwarehouse.com. Looking through the Rosemont Seneca Bohai bank records reveals that it was essentially a slush fund used for payments to Biden, expensive toys, an investment in the ill-fated Indian tribe scheme, and other miscellaneous expenses. We are overdue (More), SCOTUS Allows Sandy Hook Victims’ Lawsuit Against Gun Manufacturer, Remington Arms, to Continue, Victory: Federal Court Rules Suspicionless Searches of Travelers’ Phones and Laptops Unconstitutional. Listed in Who’s Who in America, he is well known because of his talent for researching difficult topics and presenting them in clear terms that all can understand. Including the one action every investor should take right now to protect their portfolio against significantly rising risks. Hard Reset Episode 15: Tactics to discredit the Trump-Ukraine impeachment inquiry. http://www.WealthControlResources.com.

Lawful 100% income tax avoidance: a right recognized by IRS and Supreme Court. Judge Rejects “Excessive” Mueller Recommendation and Sentences Manafort to 47 Months in Prison, Hunter Biden-Linked Firm Reportedly Got $130 Million from a Federal Bailout Loan Program When His Dad Was VP Under Obama. Steve Doocy asked Trump campaign spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany if there was From May of 2014 until February of 2016, Burisma wired $3.4 million dollars to Rosemont Seneca Bohai, which is allegedly a shell company which is run by Archer in partnership with a Chinese investment fund.

Finding hope: Resources for Oklahoma City’s homeless youth increased despite the pandemic, Hard Reset: Why we should be wary of misinformation as we await election results, Purdue Pharma to shut down and the armored car company that lost millions, Making ends meet ‘when you don’t even know what tomorrow is going to look like’, Send us your pitches for a new in-depth reporting series, Tell us what you think: Take our reader survey. Making the rounds today is an unsubstantiated claim from Ukraine that Joe Biden received a large sum of money from Ukrainian gas company Burisma while he was vice president. What’s more, there are several payments from “Wirelogic Technology AS” and “Digitex Organization LLP” in the amounts of 366,015 EUR and $1,964,375 US based on credit agreements – while $1,150,000 went to Devon Archer and Hunter Biden. Derkach said the proof of these payments to Biden are documents that show Burisma transferring $900,000 to Rosemont Seneca Partners, a company that Hunter Biden co-founded with Christopher Heinz, former Secretary of State John Kerry’s stepson, in 2009.

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