chris and amy wylie

Wylie indicated that these efforts contributed greatly to his decision to leave Cambridge Analytica. During his time as a student, he had worked as a microtargeting and digital campaigns strategist for the Liberal Democrats in the UK,[15] although his fixed-term contract was not renewed - one former colleague explained "We did not renew his contract because he is a compulsive bullsh*tter and doesn’t know what he’s talking about". [19] The pitch was ultimately unsuccessful, with Cummings later describing them as "charlatans". When we met in June at Serata Hall, a cavernous bar and restaurant in the Shoreditch district of East London, Wylie's hair had reverted from the vibrant pink he wore when he first shot into the spotlight, and the green it later became, to its natural white blond with hipster micro bangs. What the fuck? There's a scene in the Netflix documentary The Great Hack when, after former Cambridge Analytica employee Brittany Kaiser gives evidence to Parliament (to the same committee and for the same inquiry as Wylie), she receives a text message from Nix congratulating her with a winky face. Wylie explained to Senator Dick Blumenthal (D-Connecticut) that, as he understands it, Mercer’s funding of Cambridge Analytica under the guise of investing in the company’s research and development, “ultimately was for the benefit of its clients, various PACs and campaigns.”. Word lid van Facebook om met Amy Wylie Costa en anderen in contact te komen.

It was as if, at that moment, he couldn't fathom a time when the role of whistleblower and his association with Cambridge Analytica wouldn't define him. "He's so genuine about it, and so are we as a company. Interpretiert man diese Aussage, sieht sich Wylie selbst nicht unbedingt als Täter, sondern eher als schwächstes Rad in einem System von Daten, das wohl mitverantwortlich dafür ist, dass Trump nun im Weißen Haus sitzt.

[8][9] He left school in 2005 at the age of 16 without a qualification, and when asked about his "probable destiny" on his school leaver's yearbook page, he stated "just another dissociative smear merchant peddling backroom hackery in its purest Machiavellian form". If you don’t use it, the Bb footer will slide up. Zameena Mejia, 'Meet Christopher Wylie, the millennial whistleblower behind Facebook’s data controversy'. In 2013, Wylie began working as a contractor for SCL Elections, and its offshoot for American elections (later renamed Cambridge Analytica), an international consultancy specialising in data-driven psychographic targeting in elections. '", The next and last time they saw each other was when Nix came to Parliament in June 2018 to give evidence. This is an interesting statement in and of itself because Zuckerberg has testified that neither he nor the company had any idea that Facebook data could be harvested in the way Cambridge Analytica did in 2014, yet it appears Obama’s presidential campaigns — which took place in 2008 and 2012 — performed similar data scraping with the assistance and consent of Facebook’s co-founder.

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