elegant girl names

If Jade is a bit too informal for your taste, pick Giada, it’s Italian version, meaning ‘jade’. It means ‘son of Lawrence’. This old French name with loads of variation possibilities, is a stunning option for your daughter. A title with a long history, Maximillian means ‘greatest’. Meaning ‘red-haired’, Rufus would be perfect for a ginger baby. Naia, was my choice for my baby girl and we think is pretty , strong and unique. Randolph is a variant of Randolf and means ‘strong warrior’. It means ‘Frenchman’. It means ‘labor’. Anthony, meaning ‘highly praiseworthy’, is a time-tested Italian baby boy name. It means ‘free man’.

Francesca means ‘from France’. A posh and one of the unique elegant girl names with unique variants, Daphne means ‘laurel’. This stylish version of Natalie has a swanky new feel to it. Ethan, meaning ‘strong or firm’, got a major boost via the film series, “Mission Impossible”. Alfred, meaning ‘elf counsel’, has the reputation of a refined name.

Beatrice - The Italian variant on Beatrix, which means “bringer of joy.”. Llama Themed Baby Nursery. Archibald, meaning ‘bold and genuine’, will make a polished name for your son. Hermione means ‘well born’. This posh version of Lillian can be traced back to times of Elizabeth. Roderick, meaning ‘famous power’, is ostentatious in the best way possible. Rebecca is a variant of Biblical name Rebekah, which belonged to a maiden of modesty, beauty, and kindness. This fabulous name is rare, but will suit your son well. Parents looking for an elegant name that has a background in mythology can go for Penelope. Could there be any name as regal and elegant as the French name, Dior?

This rising star of a name, meaning ‘youthful or downy’, is a handsome and elegant choice for your baby boy. Orlando means ‘famous land’.

It’s time for Cyril to make a classy resurgence. Ignatius, meaning ‘fire’, is both elegant and classic in style. This virtue name, meaning ‘blessing or favor’, refers to none other than the Almighty’s grace. This queenly name would be a perfect pick for your precious girl. Frederick is the English form of a German name, meaning ‘peaceful ruler’. Fan of blogging, sleeping, and pretending not to hear my kids fight. These elegant names for your baby girl exude class and sophistication, and will be a choice she’ll love forever. If you’re looking for a list of timeless baby names, this is the ultimate collection. This German name, meaning ‘old ruler’, will transition well from childhood to adulthood. Use this name if you want your daughter to be confused with someone famous. Of English origins, Graham is a wonderful name, meaning ‘gravelly homestead’.

This twist on ever popular Katherine has enough foreign elegance to last a lifetime. If you’re looking for an uncommon floral moniker, go for Fiorella, which means ‘lovely flower’. It doesn’t get much more elegant than this German name meaning “pledge”. Whether it reminds you of Victoria Beckham, Victoria’s Secret, or Queen Victoria, the name Victoria has major connotations to wealth, beauty, and elegance. Kelly - Prior to the 1960s, this was typically a male-only name, but now is an option for both.

You might not know that Veronica is a name from the Bible and the patron saint of photography, but you probably do know at least one rich girl named Veronica. Fashionable and feminine Isla is a gorgeous name with Celtic origins that finally came to light in the U.S. after actress Isla Fisher became popular. Verity is a refined name, meaning ‘truth’. A royal name of Old German origin, Charles means ‘free man’. Cassidy means “curly-headed.”. This classy name with Spanish bent will bring elegance to your girl. It is popular but not overdone and strikes a balance between strong and elegant.

Henry, with its several worthy and notorious namesakes, means ‘estate ruler’. This name is well known for the patron saint of England. Emilia means ‘to emulate’. Octavia, meaning ‘eight’, is both elegant and old-timey. Sanders may be unusual, but it’s definitely posh sounding. Elegant girl names are a great place to discover hidden treasures like Illiana and Amarilla. Lauren - This name may seem simple, but is forever associated with elegance thanks to Ralph Lauren. Love unique names? Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, but certain name characteristics tend to give people an image of high class. A name with imperial root, Octavius means ‘eight’. Genevieve - Meaning “woman of the race,” this name has Celtic origins. Clementine is a beautiful and graceful name for your daughter. Don’t miss this list of 200 unique baby names for boys, girls, and unisex!

Constantine means ‘constant’. A German name meaning “hard working”, Amalia has a touch of antique charm and the three “a”s make it sound super feminine. It also taps into the trend of using last names for first names. Philip, the name of one of the five kings of Macedonia, means ‘lover of horse’. READ. If you want to pay homage to a Karen or Carrie in your family, name your daughter Carina, which means ‘dear’. Aubrey may be popular for boys now, but it originated for boys first. Fever During Pregnancy: Can It Harm Your Baby? Alexandra is the feminine form of Alexander, meaning ‘man’s defender’. So many French names have that sophisticated vibe, and Marguerite is one of the most elegant of all. Melodic girl names are also plentiful, with Aria and Lillia’s sing-song sounds turning heads left and right. Jacqueline - Is there someone who evoked elegance like Jacqueline Kennedy? Belle ~ Beautiful. The names mentioned here are sure to make one feel like a member of the royal lineage or stars on the screen. Penelope - Head to mythology for the first uses of this name.

Caterina means ‘pure’. Eleanor - Meaning “shining light,” this old French name can be easily abbreviated to Elle or Ellie. All rights reserved.

This classy name meaning “noble strength” is sweet and beautiful. 36. Artemis, the name of the Greek goddess, of hunting and moon, is a name with timeless class. It has the old English charm in addition to modern day sweetness. Charlotte is a gorgeous name with regal aura. This old English name meaning “spirited” originated as a boys name but crossed over to the girls.

Cielo means ‘sky’. This gorgeous baby name, meaning ‘good news’, is perfect for the apple of your eye. We are thinking of naming her Ruby Mae or Ruby Jasmine. It’s no easy task for a Z-name to sound elegant, but lovely Zara nails it!

Angelica is a beautiful name with Latin origins. 22 Elegant and Classic Baby Girl Names Avaline ~This baby girl name is probably the favorite of the Old fashioned baby girl names. Meaning, ‘devoted to God’, Elizabeth is not just the most classic, but also one of the most sophisticated names of all time. George means ‘farmer’.

The only unisex name on the list, fashionable London gives off a jet-setter, slightly elitist vibe. It means ‘divine’. Rupert is the German form of Robert and means ‘bright’.

Beauty and luxury at its best! Anastasia - This name has an air of mystery thanks to Anastasia of Russia.

This posh name, meaning ‘bright raven’, would suit a dark haired baby boy well.

Cecelia, meaning ‘blind’, maybe falling out in popularity, but it is classy nonetheless. Juliet means ‘youthful’. Alice ~ Noble. Parents looking for something unique and original can opt for Cordelia, which means ‘daughter of the sea’. Diana: Diana isn’t just a name with royal credentials, but also has godly origins. Parents seeking for an unusual yet solid name can pick Orson, meaning ‘bear cub’. Reese - Made popular again thanks to Reese Witherspoon, though this name can be for a boy or girl! A Greek name meaning “help”, beautiful Ophelia has long been associated with literature (Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Harriett Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin come to mind). Besides, these names can be quite chic, attracting all the attention!

It means ‘heart or mind’. The name Albert, meaning ‘bright and noble’, has been held by upper crust people for generations.

This English name, meaning ‘free landholder’, got an uplift via Benjamin Franklin. A child with this name is sure to make a strong statement. Giovanna is the classical variant of the name Joanna and means ‘God is gracious’.

Cassidy - Derived from an Irish surname, if curls run in the family, this is for you! Aurora - Perfectly fitting for your future Sleeping Beauty. I think it’s such an elegant name and will suit any personality.

Love unique names? Imogen, meaning ‘maiden’, has connotations of a perfect woman, as exemplified by the great playwright, Shakespeare himself. My twin girls are called : Cora Maeve Klatten & Camila Merit Klatten. It means ‘weaver’. Montague is a fancy French name, meaning ‘pointed mountain’. These elegant names for your baby girl exude class and sophistication, and will be a choice she’ll love forever. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. Brigitte - Just like the french beauty Brigitte Bardot. Bradford is an English name, meaning ‘wide river crossing’.

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