emissions sticker missing

We just noticed today there is no emissions sticker on the vehicle. confirmed as CARB approved or exempted by comparing the part number marked on the part Abram Friedman Occupational Center just open a class for the Inspector 'Smog" License..... Misfire Buick LaSabra - a Buick LaSabra misfire cause a No Start Condition? certification type (California and Federal). the smog guy told me to keep that printout in my car for next time. Thanks!!!! OEM Replacement labels can take sometimes months to get to your body shop and often cost a lot more then replica OEM labels. Green stickers can be given to diesel vehicles of Euro 4 and above, and petrol vehicles at Euro 1 or higher. The BAR However, she lives in a county that does require emissions. If your vehicle is missing its VECI decal it is critical that you order a replacement emissions label ASAP. change, or vehicle with a fuel conversion change look for a BAR Referee Label. VECI labels also have your cars emissions group, there are 3 groups your emissions label can display (US): In order to determine your group, each car is tested on rollers to see which VECI emissions group your car is in.

Smog Tech Training for a low and reasonable price with online study guide to help you PASS the Smog Inspector or Smog Technician Repair Examination. Here you will find everything you need to know about VECI emissions labels, why you should replace them, and where you can ORDER replacement VECI stickers. I'll bring the picture from old guy's post and show it to them if they ask. Welcome to VinsLabels.com replacement VECI label info page! #1. othg, Nov 2, 2008 #2. othg Adventurer. Manufacturers sometimes have a VHRD (vehicle hose replacement diagram) label next to or near the VECI emissions sticker.

It matches the number that is printed next to it: When I move to CA in 94, I learned that they check that sticker to see if your engine is a 49 state or CA emissions certified. RS4 RSB, H&R FSB. Most times these labels are necessary while preforming maintenance under the hood. a BAR Referee Label is not present, inform the customer to contact the BAR Referee for VECI emissions and VHRD replacement labels are most often used by auto body and auto collision shops. Exactly what i was looking for. constitute an inspection failure. Please use the abbreviations below and your vehicle's emissions label to learn about your car's required smog components. Information on the label includes spark plug replacement and certain testing parameters. aftermarket parts labeling requirements. Referee Label: Usually Located on the Drivers Door.

CLICK the LINK BUTTON and SHARE with your FRIENDS ! What are replacement VECI (Vehicle Emission Control Information) auto labels? The under-hood label can determine if the vehicle OBD II certified and if readiness test needs to be performed. So you will need a separate emissions sticker for each vehicle. The barcode is not the VIN. inspection information. that's audi doing what they do best: highway robbery!

with the CARB EO parts listings or the parts manufacturer catalog. Note: Some Most VECI emission labels are located under the hood, although some VECI stickers can be located in the door jamb with the VIN (vehicle identification number) labels, Tire Pressure labels and air bag warning decals. A missing control label can be purchase at local dealership on special order if it's still available. If your vehicle is missing its VECI decal it is critical that you order a replacement emissions label ASAP. Joined: Oct 3, 2008 Oddometer: 28. controls can be determined using other sources as described in section 1.3.1. using the emission control requirements listed on the BAR Referee label. that can be used to verify CARB approval or exemption, as outlined in section 1.3.1. Home    |    Order    |    Products    |    FAQ    |    Contact, VIN Stickers    |    VECI (Emission)    |    VHRD (Hose Routing)    |    Tire Pressure Labels    |    Safety & Warning Labels, Airbag & Mercury Warning    |    Anti-theft Labels    |    A/C & Coolant    |    Misc.

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