empress ki ending

Thanks for the recap! She saw her son standing at the door, smiling at her; however, another person joined them: Wang Yoo.

Few of us have a fairy tale ending. It took a while for Ta-hwan to let the fact sank in and he wondered if there’s something that would delay the effect of the poison. I don’t buy Ta Hwan’s reasons, protecting Ki by burying the secret of having a love child with a man before him. we know in reality he was a girl but veiwers when saw wy huging boy sy left and right , bring him to his room to sleep at ep1 , telling boy sy to sleep in his room but sy just wanted to be with th after horserace at beach ep4. He knew that there were Mongols there and she should be able to set up a new future for the country.

He was jealous even during the time that he has no right to be.

He lost Yon Feisu, his ally, the woman who loved him and the one worthy of his love. It’s just that they had to do things for the greater good. Tessieroo: I still don’t understand why Ki didn’t follow through. Drop a comment or send mimi an. Between someone willing to die for you, and the one who’s willing to kill for you, who is the better person? And after longing for his demise, when it came I was saddened by it. She was a mother to him when Ki wasn’t able to be. It was so poignant, I also binged watched until the early hours of the morning, as it was so compelling. I guess, we will always have different opinions regarding Empress Ki and these arguments will never end. Thanks so much for the blog. It was her destiny to become Yuan’s Empress but if I am to interpret the symbolism of that scene, she chose to ride with TH because she didn’t want to cause trouble for Wang Yoo. They focused on the politics in Yuan too much that the story felt short in depicting Ki as a hero, as an iron lady.

Seung Nyang returned that love even though it was very hard for her to love him entirely because of the circumstances. He was sitting on his throne giving orders and taking all the credit while Wang Yoo did almost everything. It was very suspenseful until the very end. Tessieroo: Yes, the only background we got was Gol-ta’s Mother was alive – that’s it. I have never really seen Empress Dowager take interest in anyone as a person, if she did with Ki, they would be friends. She was not the hero that I expected. Wang Yoo was everything for Seung Nyang, lover, best friend, father, and her King. Let me just say something about Wang Yoo.. Without that respect it is hard to have a deep and enduring love like she had for Wang Yoo. This scene was like watching people reminisce about a not so pleasant time in the past, but look upon in the present as a fond memory and laugh. She also wanted to help Koryo people through her position, but they failed to emphasize that part. Wang Yoo’s death didn’t assure Ta Hwan of Seung Nyang’s love.

I always believed in her chick imprinting metaphor. But despite of her vileness, Tanashiri loved Maha as her own son. I still believe that Wang Yu was Seung Nyang’s greatest love because of her promise to the moon that she would be with him till the end. WY’s character did changed.

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