gerbil fight wounds

Identify the source of the blood, e.g. Upon noticing that a tumor is present, your vet will recommend surgery. It could even do both things if your gerbil is both sick and rejected. If your gerbils are showing any of these symptoms of a parasite infestation, contact your vet: When gerbils start to mature they can sometimes fight with each other. This is a vital part of the process, because a gerbil’s health can change in an instant. If your gerbil is bleeding, this is always a negative symptom that requires treatment. When gerbils start to mature they can sometimes fight with each other. Health check your gerbils regularly, paying attention to their legs and face – these are common areas for fight wounds. If you did not see the fight happen, the gerbil with wounds on his back and tail is probably the victim; the one with wounds on his face and neck is the aggressor. Their advice can be invaluable, for both the recovery period and your overall care. In the wild, the rejected gerbil would go to live somewhere else, but in captivity, it can’t. These aren’t the kind that has a needle. Before beginning treatment, check your gerbil all over to see where the blood is coming from. In the wild, the rejected gerbil would run off to live in its own burrow. But the exact treatment methods depend on the reason why your pet is bleeding. Only a vet can tell you what bacteria are there. That explains their color. That may give them enough of a common odor to reduce aggressions. True gerbil fighting is rare in bonded pairs, but it can happen at any point, often without warning. Is it almost entirely healed? You must clean the wound as soon as possible to prevent this from occurring. Don’t poke the wound as this can make it worse.

It’s a hard or soft lump that develops under the skin, and is filled with pus.

Consult with your pet’s vet. Your pet is put under anesthetic, which will prevent it from feeling any pain. You must do it before your gerbils kill each other (which they eventually will). Check for symptoms…, If your pet gerbil has a scent gland tumor, it could be fatal. When your gerbil becomes sad, you can tackle the problem if you know how to spot the telltale signs.

This will allow the wound to heal with a minimum of complications. Declanning is where the gerbil’s social group falls apart. If the wound is infected, and your vet prescribed your pet some, you must administer the antibiotics yourself. The easy fix is to change your gerbil’s bedding. Gerbils are generally quite healthy animals – most of their illnesses come with age. The previously submissive gerbil may sense a weakness in the dominant gerbil.

Keep injured gerbils safe, warm and on clean, dry, soft bedding until they heal. It could also be that one of the subordinate gerbils is rejected from the group. They may offer cones, like they do for other animals, but for gerbils. You may also require antibiotics from a vet. If the issue is a tumor, there’s nothing that you can do about it at home. If you notice your gerbils drawing blood when they fight, the cause is declanning. The surgeon will then remove the tumor with a scalpel. It is sometimes the case that a previously dominant gerbil’s health is declining, changing the dominance relationship between the two as the previously submissive gerbil is now the stronger one. An abscess is a wound that is in the process of healing. Read more >, Legal notice © 2020 Wood Green Animal Shelters, Wood Green, The Animals Charity is the Registered Trademark of Wood Green Animal Shelters, Registered This is usually a good idea, no matter what the cause of your gerbil’s ill health.

Your gerbils’ teeth will continually grow, so make sure you provide them with a varied diet and plenty of things they can gnaw on, including safe fruit tree twigs. However, a wound could be anywhere on your pet’s body. Occasionally, gerbils can suffer with overgrown incisors (the front teeth). Mammary tumours are the most common and are the most likely to be cancerous. This could be because one of the dominant gerbils is old or sick, so another is challenging it. This oil can get in your pet’s eyes, stinging and causing irritation like an aerosol would in your eyes. Gerbils are sociable creatures – you’ll often fin... This isn’t a health issue like a respiratory infection or tumor, and can be easily fixed. This can cause severe damage if your pet won’t stop. The most likely places are the nose and eyes, the scent gland on the stomach, and the base of the tail. As your pet recovers, you must observe it to see how well it’s doing.

The vet will also prescribe medication where necessary. Smell changes can be hard to decipher after the fact but consider these possibilities: If you think a smell is the culprit, try a chinchilla sand or dust bath first. If the wound is bad, you should treat it. Did you recently change the tank and dispose of all the bedding, not leaving any of the old nest behind? You may notice they have a gland under their belly, you don’t normally need to worry about this. For a wound that’s mostly healed, you may not need to progress with treatment at all. If your gerbil’s stomach looks bloody, your gerbil has an issue with its scent gland. You should think long and hard about whether this is the right course of action for your pet. You will notice that your gerbil rubs its nose frequently. Make sure you find a vet who has chosen to specialise in small mammals to get the best possible care for your gerbils. If one gerbil is very badly injured, take him to the vet.

You need to manage your pet’s wound and prevent it from getting worse. If two gerbils declan, there is some possibility you can reunite them using the Split Cage Method. When you handle your gerbils, check for unusual lumps and bumps on their body. An infection can spread from a wound to your pet’s bloodstream.

Talk to a vet about treatment/actions such as separating gerbils after fighting, administering antibiotics, and cleaning the wound. They have a short plastic spout that you squeeze the medicine through. If possible, you should also get a cone from a vet. Is there any strong "background smell" in your home, like a fresh Christmas tree, painting smells or a brand-new carpet? If you are not able to get to your vet within 24 hours, clean the wound with salt water or diluted Hibiscrub to reduce the risk of infection. If you did not see the fight happen, the gerbil with wounds on his back and tail is probably the victim; the one with wounds on his face and neck is the aggressor. You must get these from a vet, because the antibiotics used depends on the bacteria present. There is no one answer to this question.

Either way, your gerbil may use its scent gland frequently. If you haven’t put your gerbil in a separate cage, change the bedding in its current one. Real fights can result in injury and death. According to Behavior Research Methods & Instrumentation, the gerbil’s scent gland is a hairless oval patch on its stomach. A gerbil with an infected wound will need to have that infection treated.

This isn’t blood, but something similar called porphyrin. The presence of pus indicates that the wound is or was infected. Hi, I'm Lou. Gerbils generally live for between three and five years. The reaction is significantly worse if your gerbil has pine-based bedding. The only clue for its location will be dried and matted blood around the wound. red blood cells. It can also cause an existing infection to flare up. The vet will diagnose the issue. This requires the same actions no matter what the reason for your pet’s condition. They will sew your pet back up again before leaving your pet to rest and recover. What makes this issue worse is that pet stores frequently recommend these dusty beddings. If this occurs frequently over your pet’s life, it can develop a tumor on its scent gland. If you suspect your gerbil has a wound, change the bedding to towels to prevent infection. However, when they fight and mean it, you'll notice they bite each other around the tail and head areas of their opponents bodies. Parasites such as fur mites can be fairly common in gerbils who are housed on wood shavings or sawdust. A gerbil health check, which is a thorough once-over to look at every part of your pet, is the best way to do that.

They should be a light yellow colour, although they can be white when they’re very young.
Read more >, Gerbils spend much of their time underground or busy digging... The dust gets in their eyes and causes this allergic reaction.

Through doing so, you should learn why your gerbil is bleeding. According to Comprehensive Physiology, porphyrins are a kind of chemical compound produced when the body makes hemoglobin, i.e. The gerbil may not be accepted back to the clan when you try to reintroduce it. This can cause sepsis and death within days.
Take a Q-Tip and dip it in disinfectant before gently cleaning the area around the wound. It’s not eating, which could be because it’s ill,…, A gerbil can become depressed or unhappy for a variety of different reasons. You may also notice that your gerbil has a bloody eye. But eventually, they will use their teeth to attack each other. Others are malignant and will spread. You must prevent your gerbil’s wound from becoming infected. Dried blood around your gerbil’s nose indicates that your gerbil has an allergy to something in its vicinity. Check its wound and whether its symptoms are improving. Fights that break out seemingly from nowhere with pairs of animals of the same age or those who've had no history of aggression can result from a gerbil picking up a strange smell. The reason for most gerbils fighting is because they have gone through a process called declanning. It’s a shade darker than the rest of your pet’s skin. The antibiotics are a liquid that you must squirt into your pet gerbil’s mouth. It should be healthy, and of an appropriate age…, There are many reasons why you may notice your gerbil getting skinny. Your donation will help keep our doors open to thousands of homeless animals in need. Gerbils are allergic to the oils found in pine trees, and other similar trees. The vet will diagnose the issue. The signs of a…, You want to make sure that your gerbil is healthy. This is the only way to get rid of the tumor. If you suspect your gerbil has a wound, change the bedding to towels to prevent infection. You can…. The first step in caring for any wound is to disinfect it.

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