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However their jokes are usually bad so they tell people where to complain. Following this, the dog chases the gophers, only to get stuck in the hole by the … - "See ya tomorrow, Hedda honey! Tosh's first question was what was his best friend, Mac's favorite food and he guessed the correct answer, which was pureed butternut squash in a balsamic reduction with just a hint of clover. Between 1995 to 2010, this cartoon's USA Turner print was rarely ever shown on American Turner networks for unknown reasons. He gasses them with helium, and they float away -- causing a … The Goofy Gophers appeared in the New Looney Tunes season 3 episode Fool's Gold. They also appear in the Looney Tunes comic currently published by DC Comics. This was long believed to be in the public domain, however. The Goofy Gophers (1947) - Looney Tunes Cartoon, Looney Tunes Blue Ribbon - The Goofy Gophers, Looney Tunes The Goofy Gophers (restored). The unnamed dog from the first cartoon returns as their nemesis in this cartoon, this time aiming to eat like an animal in the wild as he pursues the gophers with a gopher cookbook in hand. The gardener fishes for the gophers under his hat; they substitute a tomato, and he cries, thinking he's squished a gopher. Voice actor Mel Blanc plays Mac and Stan Freberg plays Tosh.

When one of the Gophers dances with the puppet, the Gopher accidentally removed the puppet, exposing the dog's two fingers. They feature prominently in episodes of the animated series The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries ("I Gopher You") and Duck Dodgers ("K-9 Kaddy" and "Old McDodgers"). The crux of each four-frame strip was the ridiculousness of the characters' overpoliteness preventing their ability to get on with the task at hand. A watchdog is guarding a vegetable garden and falling asleep. The gophers are small and brown with tan bellies and buck teeth. He hits the ground and starts burrowing himself, surfacing in his fountain. All the other cartoons featuring those characters remained in the post-1948 package, in other words, under WB's ownership. "[4] Clampett later stated that the gophers' mannerisms were derived from character actors Franklin Pangborn and Edward Everett Horton.[3][5]. A regular Vincent Van Gopher! Oct 29, 2010 #1 Hey guys, The Goofy Gophers were largely forgotten by Warner Bros. in the years since the animation studio closed in 1969. The grenade explodes directly where the dog is, charring him and knocking him out silly. The dog tries to catch the gophers while they steal vegetables one-by-one (playing to the Latin-flavored tune of "Mysterious Mose"). The Gophers lay dormant for two years until Friz Freleng made a series of four shorts beginning with 1951's A Bone for a Bone, another dog-versus-gophers short. The Goofy Gophers were revived in The Looney Tunes Show voiced by Rob Paulsen and Jess Harnell. Pages in category "Quotes" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 222 total. The names are a pun on the surname "Macintosh". The inflated gophers hit a tree and fall to earth. The gophers hand him a grenade, The dog, thinking that the grenade is the gophers, tries to retrieve it out of the hole, but only manages to get the pin out of the grenade, activating the grenade in the process. The Goofy Gophers were created by Warners animator Bob Clampett for the 1947 short film The Goofy Gophers. In this show, Mac and Tosh run an antique store. "), not realizing that the dog is standing where the grenade is. The dog disguises himself as a tomato vine and poses as an actual plant in the garden. He gasses them with helium, and they float away -- causing a crow to throw away his bottle. The pair's dialogue is peppered with such overpoliteness as "Indubitably! When the dog lights the fuse, the Gophers cut the fuse wire, and create a fake explosion via blowing a large paper bag and bursting it. In the end, the… The Gophers spot the tomato vine, grab a bunch of vegetables, and throw a pumpkin on the dog before striking him with a shovel. The gophers' speech and affectations closely mirror the enthusiastic deferential relationship between Pip, played by actor John Mills, and Mr. Pocket played by actor Alec Guinness. Unnamed in the theatrical cartoons, they were given the names Mac and Tosh in the 1960s TV show The Bugs Bunny Show. Robert McKimson was the next Warners director to utilize the characters. As the dog pulls out the celery stick, the gophers tie his tail to it in the other hole, causing him to pull himself aloop into the hole, rendering him stuck in the ground. This is one of the few cartoons that has aired with its. The dog, mistakenly believing the grenade pin is a diamond ring, stares at it vainly ("Stunning, isn't it? The two often also tend to quote Shakespeare and use humorously long words; for example, in Lumber Jerks, instead of "We have to get our tree back", they say "We must take vital steps to reclaim our property. The Goofy Gophers were created in 1947 as a polite duo that always got away from their enemies (usually dogs) by usin unique plans and never forgetting ther manners!

", "You first, my dear," and "But, no, no, no. Looney Tunes Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Next the dog decides to get the gophers out of the hole with his bare hands. The dog, hearing the fake explosion, believes that he had got rid of the Gophers, guards the vegetable garden and falls asleep. He spots two gophers eating carrots. Clampett left the studio before the short went to production, so Arthur Davis took over as director. They both have British accents. The gophers' mannerisms and speech were patterned after Frederick Burr Opper's comics characters Alphonse and Gaston, which in the early 1900s engendered a "good honest laugh". Among the dog's botched attempts to get rid of the rodents: Eventually, the Gophers launch the dog, via rocket, into outer space towards the moon. Like the Gophers, their adversary the unnamed dog from this cartoon is redesigned in his next appearances, albeit with with dog's character designs varying from each short. The restored copy on HBO Max uses the soundtrack from the Turner print, with the incorrect 1941-1955 Merrie Melodies ending music cue, although the original Looney Tunes end card is intact. The dog disguises himself as a tomato vine and poses as an actual plant in the garden. The Goofy Gophers are animated cartoon characters in Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons.

The gophers appeared in the 2015 DTV movie Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run. They are seen briefly in the 1996 movie Space Jam. Others, however, point out that this seems unlikely given the two pairs of characters are so different in characterization. It was written by Bob Clampett, who also designed the characters, and whose place in animation history was already assured by his having created Tweety Bird, Beaky Buzzard, Warner's version of the Gremlins and many other classic characters and concepts. These two cartoons, Gopher Broke in 1958 and Tease for Two in 1965, pit the Gophers against the Barnyard Dawg and Daffy Duck, respectively.

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