how did roza shanina die

Sorry for calling you that, but I don’t know your patronym.

We were left alone. From, I went to the front. Order: reestablish the position.

Kaleria was the brave one. Skirmish. There I met Sasha Schekachikhin, who likes me. The girls all like him, but this, I think, is only when they are comrades, and until he makes passes at them, although Sasha Ekimova might take him up on it. I found it disrespectful. There was an attack, but here we stood, entrenched. Searched for the Katyushi1, not found. I don’t understand. 2 Andranik Kazaryan, Hero of the Soviet Union.

Some people think that I’m chasing a boyfriend, but I do not know anyone there. Found a division of ours. Then called out everyone from dinner. Spent the night with Nikolai Fedorov. The two that killed our captain we caught and shot.

He is in love with me, but he’s not very tall, and I don’t like even a little shorter than me, and so I suffer for it. Very successfully fought back a counterattack. Tanks passing by, soldiers throwing grenades at them, all kinds of fire (machine gun, shells), 8 shot down, and the others retreated. I have the most – 42 dead little Hitlers, Ekimova – 28, Nikolaeva – 24. I cannot stand him, disgusting, the things he would say, and I would rather have not spoken to him at all. And afterwards captured 3 … these fascists are strong. Tairov said: “When the attack begins, remember where you are, and what lies ahead, and how very much you have gone through.” Tairov and Solomatin quarreled. I could not refuse. In camouflage, with a Finka8, grenades, rifle at the ready – a real bandit woman.

He disgusted me, and he acted very badly: wanted to get drunk on the 6, I received a letter from the preschools in Moscow and Arkhangelsk.

One mumbled something I did not understand.

He was overcome: “death is all the same.” I didn’t blame him: he is young, and it was his right to think like that.

One fella in 215th ID, K., offered me perfume and everything, whatever, but I’m not selling. What a good guy.

We were behind an embankment in the woods and escaped easily. On the back was written: “…War has stolen all the precious time from me.”.

2 in order to pay her tuition.

The German retreat is going forward, to the left. Sidenote: in Russia, all women are referred to as “dea-voch-ka” (girl) until they are clearly elderly, at which point they immediately become “babushka” (grandmother).

Because of that I responded with a small one out of courtesy, etc. But I was too overrated. The cinemas, the lights, the people and the bustle were worlds away from the isolation of her early years. The original photograph is shown in monochrome in the Russian language article.Regards,Raja. I fell into the company of a good uncle, a senior lieutenant, company commander.

Sent to the house, but the “Slavs” had all fled. They crawled out of the ravine. I fired, and successfully. I remember the first day I met him on the offensive, when I “ran” to the front. But I left him, just as a remarkable regiment commander was killed close to him. Battle of Pillkallen [now Dobrovolsk, Kaliningrad, Russia].

I led them towards the village.

The girls were all cowards and fled. Dear Mr. Bjorkman, The source is in the Russian language - Roza Shanina's diary was published in 1965 with black and white i.e.

Was then by Major Grunichev; their group really likes me (educated, modest), but they have this one Vovka Ivanov son-of-a-bitch, and the rest of the guys are darlings. Roza Shanina with Lydia G. Vdovin and Alexndra Maksimovna Ekimova.

I lay down under my jacket and camouflage and immediately fell asleep.

Tairov said: “When the attack begins, remember where you are, and what lies ahead, and how very much you have gone through.” Tairov and Solomatin quarreled. I liked them, but I knew it was only temporary, left, and did not write letters – there’s the proof. Roza Shanina with Alexndra Maksimovna Ekimova. Saw 30 Fritz run up and overtake the scouts. Cough, but I went anyway. Breakthrough of the German border near the city of Naumiestis, Lithuania. I went with him to the attack, running across the rye, Blokhin2 not there. Roza showing her commander her sniper rifle.

I met the guys, friends with our girls Shura and Duce: the battalion commander and the deputy.

Separated again. I could not refuse.

Please see the link below :- click on the translate button on top right hand side and you do get a passable translation in English. And afterwards captured 3 … these fascists are strong. Nikolai is close by. I was waiting for the same fate, and here’s my thanks.

Met Kazarin. Solomatin continued to make passes at me. I got a letter from Blokhin, saying, I am now in charge, go. Roza Shanina was born on April 3rd, 1924 on a collective farm in the Bogdanovskoy commune, Arkhangelsk Oblast, the Soviet Union.

But unfortunate I missed her with....70 years?

Yashka wrote that he is fed up.

Yashka Gudkov could be good for me. She was an amazing honorable lady. It was a dangerous walk. The Soviet economy was devastated. With Gudkov rode on a plane for the first time in my life.

It jibes with the general image of Shanina that the Yunost editors were crafting, but the story told in it also fits the time frame when Shanina was given leave to Arkhangelsk and would’ve been on a train. Roza began keeping her diary in October, 1944, but had been writing to the war correspondent Pyotr Molchanov for nearly her entire time in the army.

After all, I made friends with him so mechanically, not as I would wish. At night went to the 277, In the evening, conversed about Stalin’s report.

I met the guys, friends with our girls Shura and Duce: the battalion commander and the deputy. Letter to Pyotr Molchanov: I recently went AWOL. Fritz, 15 of them, crawling. Ultimately, her passion got the best of her and she started going AWOL. We went on big marches, I went to the guns. No, it kind of seems that I should commit suicide, this is my future, yes, no other way. They give a profound insight into the determined mentality of this young woman.

Where we are, Fritz is on three sides.

Could be foolish, but not necessarily: will be trouble, he’s a high rank. I really like Nikolai Shevchenko, lieutenant in the artillery, brother of the pilot Shevchenko, who is a Hero of the Soviet Union. Roza Shanina profiled by the AP on 23 September 1944 calls Roza Shanina "the unseen terror of East Prussia.". I had long treasured a blue scarf made of silk which, like a memory, is lost. I began my journey in July. In the morning the jalopy was fixed, and I was summoned by the junior platoon commander. It was very fun to figure out what they all were! I want, how can I explain? Roza, described as having a mild manner and demure smile, in the Washington Examiner in 1944. Roza’s older brother Fyoder, who she had lived with when she first moved to Arkhangelsk. Before the eyes of the two machine gunners from my training company. He joined the Bolsheviks while still recovering in a Moscow hospital. This was Roza Shanina.

I had long treasured a blue scarf made of silk which, like a memory, is lost.

And later, I liked him and began to hesitate to say goodbye. That’s what he was mumbling about in the ravine, asking for permission to retrieve the other boot: I did not understand.

And I was not scared. Shanina graduated with honors in April, 1944, and was made a commander in the 184th Rifle Division’s female sniper platoon on the 3rd Belorussian Front. Many times we took it and were expelled.

It seems I don’t have the strength to look at the end of life in this lying world. Letter to Pyotr Molchanov: Please take this to the administration and assist me.

They cheat, sometimes I get up the nerve to say – leave me alone. Seeing this, Blokhin got my attention and said: “Come now, little girl, in the rear.” Shapiro, the Jewish political commissar3, chased me away. I received a letter from the preschools in Moscow and Arkhangelsk.

It seems we are not what they expected. That’s everything I wanted to say. Did not manage to get to Grunichev, but was invited… He invited the commander of the 711. Her story, just one among the stories of the millions who died in the Second World War, resonates to this day. Killed… He loved me, I know, and I him.

I was afraid to go home, as the girls will “stick” all the blame on me. There are things about them which are exciting an... Soviet soldiers celebrating the relief of Leningrad, 18 January 1943. Out of the blue an invitation from Molchanov’s army. Without permission we got in a car. The circumstances – cold and muddy, I undressed, I needed help, he helped me, otherwise, in a word, it was ridiculous.

Learned in a letter from Yashka that I only had 10 minutes, and that he had gossiped about me with Captain Aseyev. It came before the commanders, and I was recommended for the Order of Glory 1st Degree for repelling those attacks.

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She worked during the day and studied at night, and the days were full and happy.

Carelessly left the rear for a company at the front.

A class photo for the Sniper Academy, 12/24/1943.

I often wonder about Anna Smirnova and Masha Tisanova, they really like me, but I don’t know yet.

Was good with them. I want friends like Agnes in grades 5-7 and Valya Chernyaeva from courses 1-3 in technical school. Why is it that in this mass of boys I’m always alone?

Spent the night with Toska, and left in the morning. Senior Lieutenant Nikolai, artillerist 184th RD, 97th regiment, 1st battalion.

Going along in my daydreams, I had forgotten that I was in a dangerous place.

Walking. Next time.

Beside me, people were dying. I went with him to the attack, running across the rye, Blokhin, At 3 in the morning we went on the attack, fire all around, and I was at the front of combat formations.

Fritz, 15 of them, crawling. I blame this scum that comes with army life, wrecking everything, not caring about a girl. Despite this policy, the women went where they were needed, and more than once this meant going into action against direct orders.

His body slid silently from the tree and thudded to the ground. In the 184th ID no one knew me, or only a little – superficial and comradely.

I take advantage of his gifts when I don’t love him. I still have some doubts, but it appears that you are correct - it is a real photo of her. After the 338th Infantry Division I was in the corps. Near the village Obukhovo, to the north and further west, spoke with Blokhin, the training company was gone from where I had left them. In German, they were asking “good or dead?” as in, “are we prisoners or will we be executed?” Roza responds “will be gut,” and I think she meant “it’s good.” The German word “Gut” also sounds like a Russian army abbreviation for the rear divisional command, and it’s possible she thought that’s what they meant, since she was taking them to the rear command post anyway.

I feel for my grenades – but they were lost while crawling through the rye. This shot likely was taken when Roza was awarded one of her medals. From the station, she took the train to the city of Arkhangelsk, where she enrolled in the city’s college. Everywhere along the front heavy shelling preceded assaults by tanks, field artillery, and infantry.

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