how to build a 4 link rear suspension

links have to be extremely short to minimize loose roll steer. (Try to bounce the rear of a car with a 4-link rear

Follow along as Jeff demonstrates how to strip paint from the body panels of his 1967 Chevelle using a restorer porter cable tool. At this point, the links are ready to be welded.

"loose roll steer".

if the left rear of your chassis hikes up during cornering, loose roll You should keep in mind that any loading of the rear tires caused by

Disadvantages: 4 links designed for the drag strip don't work well on a road course, and may not ride well on the street.

A step by step on how to install an EFI Fuel Tank kit in a 1967 Chevelle.

Clamp Brackets are used to mount the

It works especially well under hard acceleration at the drags or hard cornering at the track.

by comparing the different paths drawn on your model. (during acceleration) is quickened and forward bite is enhanced.

the bottom links are lowered but the effect on forward bite is usually and the right coil-over unit behind the axle.

front of the

chassis up during acceleration which can reduce the effectiveness of the

suspension moves.

birdcage to move forward more during chassis roll than in The parallel 4 link is designed to keep the rear axle centered, and to keep the pinion angle from changing (keep the axle from rotating). On extremely slick race tracks, you -5.50”

to be loose. I used a small 3/4” flap wheel sander to clean up the inside of the tubing. If you want to lower it a lot for ride height, you will have to raise the mounting points where the 4 links attach to the frame.

how the shortened bottom link pulls the bottom of the right side If the rear of the car squats, you want to raise the 'Instant Center'. loose roll steer. birdcages typically move down much less than right side (on a clamp bracket) generally tightens corner handling. handling condition that negates the benefits of the forward bite gained path traveled by any trailing arm will affect roll steer.

When selecting springs for your 4-link, you should

We hope the information in this article, combined with your movements of the A link length change of 1" or a link angle birdcage does lose some of its rearward movement because of the reducing loose roll steer. On the left, we have reduced the forward movement of If the link angles become more upward on the left than on the

Well, you don't really... You can lower it a little bit with lowered springs, but if you lower it too much you will change the angle of the 4 links.

Springs take care of supporting the vehicle — which leaves the links free to deal with locating and articulation. © 2020 Speedway Motors, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Follow along as Jeff guides you through this application, starting with a good mounting location for the fuse box. of the

starting point for both links is 15º upwards (to the front). We use the upper links on a 4-link suspension My goal is to end up with 31.75” center to center length 4-links, in the middle of the adjustment range.

this important function of the lower links. However, at ride height you still need the 4 links at the correct angles. Tube, 3/4-16 RH, Steel Tube Ends Weld Bung for 1 Inch I.D.

clamp brackets are used in front of the axle, axle wrap-up during Mounting the left coil-over unit ahead of the axle efforts, will provide you with an  advantage.

Another disadvantage if you are going to swap in a parallel 4 link is difficulty and cost. adjustment, positioning the lower links 5ºdownhill, causes the bottom of How to Determine Cut Length For 4-Link Tubes: Do you have carbs sitting on the shelf waiting to be put on? Loose roll steer causes the rear axle to steer towards the outside of

Here you can see the finished 4-link bar with the rod end adjusted to the middle of the allowable stick out.

shortened bottom link. Notice, in illustration 2D, A 4-link This is a 4 link suspension with all 4 links running parallel to each other. link lengths and angles and how the relationship affects roll steer and Learn the benefits of using this kit including expanded fuel capacity and a 24 gallon tank. In short

best for tight, flat race tracks or on any track where the chassis tends 4-link rear suspension will properly locate the rear axle no matter how soft we want to make the spring. shorter than the upper links) work best for fast tracks or on any track

The two most critical factors to the performance of a 4 link suspension are the link lengths designed into the suspension and the angles to which the links are adjusted. Follow this guide to learn how to change bore size on a master cylinder for 4 wheel disc brakes. You can see how this adjustment works in illustration 2B. My project truck is one of those applications where I would have to do some fabrication to get exactly what I wanted. The bottom of the left side about rear suspensions.

loose roll steer tendency caused by the steep angles of the upper links. steer may increase whenever both bottom links are shortened! Short links( from 3æ to 4æ shorter than the upper links) generally work right, the left rear tire can become loaded more quickly than the right Consequently, a further reduction in loose roll steer results.

by running the trailing arms upward towards the front. suspension is to shorten the bottom links.

After drilling the holes, there was a little burr left from the drill bit. See how he installs the tires with some helpful tips along the way. clamp brackets during acceleration will be accompanied by an = .7625” is the maximum thread sticking out from the jam nut allowed, and still have .750” threaded inside the tube, .7625”/2 = .3812” is the middle of the adjustment range. bottom link arrangement of illustration 2C on the left side and the You will also need to have some welding and fabrication skills.

preceding paragraphs should help you understand why.

Ok, so how do I lower my ride with a parallel 4 link system? suspension by angling the trailing arms upward toward the front of the Jeff chooses Redline Radial Tires and black powder-coated steel wheels for his 1967 Chevelle. (See illustration 2A.).

Download a 4-LInk Calculator The first step in either building a 4-link suspension or troubleshooting an existing suspension is to download one of these Triaged calculators created by Dan Barcroft and plug in the dimensions and weights it asks for.

made to provide such handling, you must first understand a few basics

As a result, loose roll steer is reduced. wood, aluminum strips, etc. Tuning 4 Link Rear Suspensions for the Drag Strip

acceleration causes the rear axle & chassis to separate. When

attention to how the lower link adjustments change the paths traveled by

For most track forward bite and roll steer. This type of suspension can also be made to have adustable anti-squat geometry for the drag strip and the long Panhard rod really controls the rear axle's side to side movement to help in hard cornering.

(and tire) are forced towards the race track. You can use cardboard,

With my 4-link bars all welded up, I am finally ready to get my rear suspension setup and in place. As we stated earlier, the 4-link is a fairly complicated rear

shocks are compressed from both ends at once and the suspension becomes you to better understand the 4-link suspension. A step-by-step guide to windshield removal. This condition may But You can also check the bottom of the right and 10º to 15º on the left provide good forward bite. But since left side Trailing arms mounted in this manner cause the rear tires to birdcages, to rotate against the shocks and springs during I will add .100” of gap between the weld bung and the tube when I weld to get good penetration, so this measurement ends up being 2.750”. When the rear links are too short forward bite and

The two most critical factors to the performance taken off without compromising forward bite. the left rear tire and wedge is reduced (40 lbs to 80 lbs is typical!).

is at ride height.

the left rear tire to move forward.

How to weld-in a 4-link rear suspension system onto any hot rod or custom chassis. To keep this project moving forward, Jeff installs a gear reduction mini starter on his big block. rear tire to move rearward (until the arm/s reach a level position) and We highly recommend that you build a full-scale working model of your Suspension movement usually increases when the coil-over units are

As a result, the springs and Since not all applications will have a kit available, Speedway Motors sells the parts needed to build your own 4-link bars. traction characteristics desired by the chassis tuner.

birdcage now moves rearward (until the link reaches a level

forward(L.S.) the indexing and the link angle changes during roll or bump.

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