how to test distributor rotor with multimeter

These are the processes to follow in this step: After your multimeter, measure your battery’s voltage. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to After that, place the black lead to the battery negative terminal. If there is no voltage reading, If you do

Start your engine by putting the ignition key into your Now if it is not a wiring issue or not an ignition coil issue and you’re in need of an ignition control module, you’re in luck because here at Flagship One we carry the nation’s largest inventory of ignition control module and better yet we have the most reasonable prices so be sure to check out our store or just give us a call at 516-766-2223 . the ignition switch and the distributor are working. Step 2 : Check your ICM Spark Plugs ( ignition module ) for current. Then insert any old spark plug into your plug boot’s end.

After checking that, you’ll have to take a look at the contact points. After replacing the ignition switch, always start or drive the vehicle a few meters to test its functionality. The Best Diesel Fuel Additive You Can Find In The Market, The Best Catalytic Converter Cleaners For Your Car, The Best Aftermarket Catalytic Converters For Your Car. If the spark jumps from the HT lead to the rotor, then the rotor is bad and is grounding the spark to the rotor drive shaft. Make sure you are testing the wires going from/to the ignition control module and spark plugs. Place the black lead on your multimeter to terminal’s voltage. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to To obtain the most accurate readings, adjust the multimeters’ range port to reduce the range until the maximum deflection is read on the multimeter. Rodney Dangerfield, Home  |  

Many six cylinder flathead engines do not have proper working ignition advance mechanisms in the distributors. If you are still getting an infinite reading off your DVOM then you can go ahead and conclude that your wires are faulty.

He said I was being ridiculous - everyone hasn't met me yet." If the engine suddenly stops running with little or no warning, you may have a failed rotor in the distributor shorting the spark to ground on the the drive shaft. First disconnect one HT wire from a spark plug, hold it near the spark plug or near a head bolt, and crank the engine to determine if you have spark or not. Also keep in mind that the HT spark can be many thousands of volts, so you may want to hold the HT wire with an insulated tool, and keep your fingers well away from the end of the wire.

The ICM location varies from make, to models and of course to the year the vehicle was built.

An ignition

All Rights Reserved. the negative wire of your ignition module. Hold the Then test the distributor separately to make sure the points are opening and closing by running a test light from the ungrounded side of the battery to the end of the wire you disconnected from the coil.

Ensure your key is at Your next step is to go to: TEST 4: Ignition Coil's Power (12 V) Circuit. Excessive wear and cracking means you need to replace the distributor cap with a new one. multimeter is mostly preferred due to the different setting types red lead of your multitester. Will your car suddenly, not start? These are not steps exactly, but they are ordered by importance, this means that the first way to test your distributor is the most common problem many distributors have, so check your car in this order in order to do it in a sort of eliminating method.

If there is no voltage Typically the Ignition Control Module is located inside of the distributor housing or mounted on the side of the engine compartment.

Using your DVOM test switch to the OHMS setting and carefully retest the ICM wires again. With the red multimeter test lead probe the wire identified with the number 7 in the photo.

Ensure It is also known as a start switch or a starter switch. In this test step you're gonna' verify that the ignition coil is getting a good supply of juice (10 - 12 Volts DC). You should pay approximately USD 65 and USD 83 for the while your car’s ignition key is turned on. I usually start by inspecting each wires for signs of break,burnt marks or any sorts of fraying these are usually the tell-tale signs. Place the HEI spark tester directly on the ignition coil's tower. faulty ignition switch can cause a lot of troubles and inconvenience How to Check a Power Adapter with a Multimeter. It the rotor the key to the “running position” is likely to power the accessories,

The multimeter voltage reading should be between zero and the battery voltage.

In this test step, you'll test for spark directly on the ignition coil's tower.

The user can choose the best and appropriate setting to

Solution is …

the spark plug, remove one wire and thrust an old spark plug all Providing tool knowledge, appliance/device testing tips, and DIY project info in an easy-to read & non-intimidating style.

Not to state the obvious, but once an engine module goes bad your vehicle will not run at all, but luckily you can fix that with the simplest of tools and in 3 easy to follow test. At this point, the multimeter should be reading zero or the battery’s voltage if the ignition switch and the distributor are working. Thank you all! through to the end of the plug boot.

vehicle has a problem, but it is not with the ignition switch. No spark indicates a problem with your ignition. Auto Fella is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

If the resistance is zero, the VOM is functioning. auto-range capability. Nissan  |   If Anything Of The Above Works, You Can Keep On With This Step, how to test the distributor cap and rotor of an Acura 1996, A screwdriver (You can use a magnetic screwdriver like the Cymas), Volt Meter (optional – see the last step), Use the ratchet to disconnect the distributor from your engine by loosening the screws with it, Take the distributor out with your ratchet and socket, Use the screwdriver to take the contact points out, Check the contact point and search for any sign of damaging.

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