i hate elijah mikaelson

Vincent criticized Elijah for killing four innocent girls just to get the connection the Ancestors back. Elijah hugs Rebekah, after telling the family his plan. Elijah was the oldest remaining Original since the death of, Elijah is the first Original to appear in, He is the second vampire shown compelling, Elijah is the first Original vampire to be seen compelling other vampires (, Elijah does not appear in the books, but his appearance seems to be modeled after the, Elijah seems to often favor extracting his enemies' hearts when dispatching them. When Klaus moved his coffins to his house and had to go, Elijah appeared and killed his Hybrid by ripping Daniel's heart out, leaving Klaus shocked that Elijah had awakened. Rebekah thanked him and hugged him, before hugging Elijah, knowing this would be the last time she saw her brothers. I think Elijah's obsession with family would have caused problems with the Hallow. To make sure he's ok. And she wants to talk about Josephine's death. When they met, Elijah kissed her, but he quickly saw through Elena's disguise and confronted her by asking her where Katherine is. Despite Elijah's protests Klaus lets her as he realizes she wants their trust, and they will need a witch to make the moonlight rings. Elijah arrived in Rostock Germany, and reunited with Klaus after not seeing him for thirteen years. He has another flash of 'The Red Door'. In When the Levee Breaks, Elijah and Klaus are having breakfast at Mikaelson Compound. He thinks she's Klaus and wants to kill him. The brothers confront her, only for her to be shocked at the news, promising she will help them. Elijah is in fact still living in New Orleans. With Freya's help, Elijah managed to break through Elijah's mind enough to see the word "cepheus". When Elijah brought up that The Hollow's history with Eva Sinclair, Vincent made it clear that The Hollow could take whatever darkness people kept buried and used it to control them just like it had done to he and his wife, and it could do the same thing to Elijah if given the chance; possibly making him a risk to his own niece. Elijah tells Freya that she didn't break Dahlias heart. Since he didn't remember them or everything they've been through, it would make less sense for him to be devoted to the Mikaelsons at this point. When he is free again he runs to Marcel and orders that every vampire is going to help him find Rebekah and Klaus, and then he plans to kill the witches. I'm lukewarm on her (she can piss me off a lot when she acts arrogant because she thinks she's a true member of the family when they would all kill her if it came between her or the original family) but I'm curious as to what others think. They began to fight and again Elijah was quickly overpowered by Lucien's new strength. Despite her impressive skill, she was no match for Elijah's power. This upsets Hayley. Elijah ambushes The Strix to capture Aurora. When Elijah was getting ready for The Opera, his father Mikael visited him and told Elijah he saw the "Le Grand Guignol" piece in Venice. Cami asks him when he will undagger Klaus. Elijah brought her corpse to a shocked Esther hoping that she could save her. Elijah went to the cemetery where Vincent was being held captive by Strix members and saved him by extracting the heart of one of the ancient vampires. Hayley motions to her zipper and Elijah steps forwards unbuttoning and unzipping her dress.

The boy then argued with Klaus and he threw him down the stairs while Elijah tried to stop it. They all shared in old stories from throughout the millennia. Elijah was sure she tricked Hayley but she tells him she didn't and it a cure for the werewolves, then once he is sure the cure is safe he returns it to Hayley. In Til the Day I Die, Elijah went through old photographs of he and Hayley together and was reminded that he met a woman five years prior in France named Andrea, who he had since realized was Hayley. In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Elijah is looking through his mothers grimoire and tells his sister the dead girl in front of him is about forgiveness which can not be bought and that's what Klaus was trying at. The fact that Elijah died bothers me because I feel that it took away from his arc. The Mikaelsons then took Tristan captive as leverage against Aurora but she struck back by kidnapping Camille.

They reveal that Elijah and Niklaus both loved her equally and that it was her blood which was used to create The Original Vampires. While in TVD he hated Klaus for "killing" his siblings, in TO, it is shown that not only did he help Klaus do it but was content to leave Kol and Finn daggered, and also despite his claims of family bonds, he clearly favors Klaus and Rebekah above the others. Elijah had to abandon The Strix to save his family from Mikael but asked Aya to come with him. Elijah is later seen in a coffin about to be "reunited" with his family. Aurora told him that Klaus had killed Esther and put the blame on Mikael, lying to all of his siblings. In The Axeman's Letter, after discovering Aurora had come to New Orleans, Elijah wanted to tell Klaus about a secret from a thousand years ago he himself had only discovered once Esther had opened his Red Door, involving Aurora. Elijah chastised Aurora's madness and her blaming him for her and Klaus' breakup. He dressed himself in his old far more sophisticated attire and went to the bayou, to mourn Hayley alone. Back in Davina's attic, Davina is seen watching over Elijah's corpse, as she hears a person walk into the room she ruses up. Finn proposed that he put aside his vendetta against Elijah and the rest of the family if they allowed Freya to put him back into the body of a witch, as he hated being a vampire again.

After the latter came back to life as the Beast from the prophecy, he bit Elijah and his younger brother Kol, knowing his bite would kill them both. However, reconciliation would not be easy, especially given Kol and Finn's past. He made me need him! I would like to rewatch sometime, because I loved first 3 seasons, but I'm still bummed about the ending (GOT syndrome). She is very jealous. While Elijah wanted Klaus to stay behind, they all agreed that they would all return to the city for Hope's sake. Klaus offering Elijah a peace gift through a dead girl. dares him to use it, knowing that Klaus will then have Kol to deal with. In Voodoo in My Blood, while Elijah prepared to meet Alaric Saltzman, who was bringing some of the Hollow's bones from Virginia, Hayley questioned him on his actions in recreating the Harvest ritual.

Klaus orders her to take off her daylight ring. Vincent coldly told him that he had no virtue and was a soulless infection to anyone around him, saddened that Hope had to be raised in a family he was part of. His older sister was actually taken by his aunt. Tristan de Martel † (1002)Aya Al-Rashid †Many Members of The Strix †

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