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This is a wonderful dish so you only have compliments for her cooking. Because of this, you learn that she's in a Fast Food joint, in West Taihei Boulevard. She’s got the wrong guy You can’t miss this Side Case, it’s party of the main events in Chapter 2. The bat has also an amusing shimmering effect. This is part of the story during Chapter 3, you can’t miss it. Judgment (JUDGE EYES ... Yagami has started working as a private detective alongside his best friend; Masaharu Kaito, a former member of the Matsugane Family. This Side Case is required to progress through the story in Chapter 3, you cannot miss it. This time, you’re betting on whether the next customer who will walk in is a boy or girl. Defeat Keihin Leaders. Once you head to the beef zone, choose the option of saying that she’s your girlfriend.

Eat there once then on your way out Yagami will give compliments to the chef. That wraps up our Judgment Side Case Guide. Start of Chapter 8, speak with Yosuke in Tenkaichi Alley. Check the business card in your Side Case files then head to Tenkaichi Alley to find the commotion. For the date, you should go to the arcade. Why di

When you need to provide evidence, choose the Sandals and the Dirty Sneakers. He will tell you that he saw the cat on Taihei Boulevard.

Head there. 35+ Reputation. After clearing any 5 batting courses, talk to him again. On your way out, a man in a suit will stop you and ask for your opinion. Eventually you have a choice to cooperate with the man in black or not, your choice doesn’t matter, you cannot cooperate. When you have to eavesdrop in the restaurant, put on a disguise first. Location: Chapter 3, Senryo Ave, in the corner building in front of Modern Mahjong, Simply walk to the friend event icon to trigger this friend event and meet modern-day ninja for the first time. After the cut-scence, go down and follow the suspect. HiFight’s FOOTSIES Rollback Edition breaks the genre down to its core, boiling things…, A retro throwback in more ways than one, Ultimo Games brings drifting, pixelated graphics, and CRT filters to the masses with their isometric racer Interstate Drifter 1999.

One of the men will reveal the whereabouts of women for 10K. The date will end by you responding to her saying that you are partners. The piece missing with the costume is the shoes, white pants, and white gloves. If you have completed Goro Moroboshi friend event, you will not have to get the items. There’s a long tailing scene, a brief chase, a fight and arguably one of the greatest one liners I’ve seen in years.

The Flash tried to talk to her, but Mari believed he intended to arrest her and used super strength to push the speedster back. After your affection meter is full, you can then be official with Amane when she proclaims her interest for a special partnership. Once the date is over, Amane will text you for another date. Finally, some of the Side Cases are scattered throughout the city itself. 07: Mari. Tail the Yakuza, for way too long, then chase down the wig again. Choose the option where you are eager to see her right away. Post your comments below. After you get the case, head to Theater Square and pick up the phone before heading to Park Boulevard. Nevertheless, don’t let your guard down and take your time when aiming and timing the press to land your darts accurately. After the conversation to find the clues, head to your office, the Detective Agency, you’ll find the van right nearby.

During the first date, you can go to Shogi. Head to Le Marche in the South East and buy some panties. When she texts you back, reply with how worried you are about her safety. This Judgment Side Case Guide will list all of the different Side Cases we’ve discovered in the game including information on where they start and any rewards you receive. As soon as you enter Tender, you’ll trigger Mari’s friend event. After that, wait some time. Get the case from Genda Law Office then return to your office to speak with the client. Judgment Dating Guide. An ardent lover for first person shooter games, Salik has been part of GamesHedge all through its journey. You can accept or deny the relationship as per your choice. Chapter 7, must have completed The Black Calamity.

In the end, beat her friend, Higurashi, and the investigation will end.You will find it in the city centre, not far from the hotel. Head to Poppo on Showa Street to find the bomb, it’s inside the store. After a while the marker will be on the map to continue the Side Case.

Start of Chapter 4, part of the story. Visit her again to start another bet. Requires 35+ Reputation, must have completed Dangerous Hide-And-Seek. Chapter 12, toward th end. Chapter 2.

Eat there once and try to get out of the store. Ryan seems to adjust his skills according to yours so if you keep landing bulls eye, expect him to do the same. Defeat the punks and Ryan will appear. The fourth date should be at Shogi again where you can talk about her Patron and talk about her future. Case closed. Any questions? (Friendship meter 100%), Location: Outside of Smile Burger (Nakamichi), Yagami Detective Agency, Dine at Smile Burger (Nakamichi). (Friendship meter 30%), Return to the area after a while and you’ll find a couple of guys talking in front of the shop. Location: Batting Center Location: Club SEGA Theater Square, Bantam. (Friendship meter 40%), Next, get damaged from a fight then return back to your office so you can check out your fridge again. You will find them at Yagami’s Detective Agency, the Genda Law Office, and Bar Tender. Rest of the mission is simple stuff.

It’s a simple investigate mission. The third date with Amane is where you can more openly praise her and talk about her being beautiful. the third date with Sana should be at the Batting Center. Mum is a nurse, sister is in England, the father died. Below we have detailed all the right choices you can make with each girlfriend in the game. It’s considered a main story event so the game walks you through all of the objectives. Near end of Chapter 12. This Judgment Extract Material Location Guide will help you on Iyama’s scavenger hunt as he asks you to locate, You need to find 5 Fuka Shiranui paintings to befriend the owner of Ebisu Pawn.

Defeat him and you’ll befriend him completely. Your email address will not be published. Doesn’t matter what option you choose, chase or not. be a gentleman and ask if she has a boyfriend. Approach them to listen in to the conversation then enter the ramen place afterward. Eventually you will be tasked with. Now you have to find another rival store to work with them. Eat there once then leave. Simple objectives, a brief chase and a fight. There are photography abilities that will make getting the perfect shot at the end easier. It may be different each play through but below was my puzzle: You must complete The Mystery Writers Stratagem first. Must have completed Gone With The Gale and The Ghost Tenant. Intervene. After the investigation you need to speak with a chef for more details. Head down to Showa Street and find Hiyama. (Friendship meter 60%), Finally, leave Club Sega and go around the corner (where Ryan’s friend icon is displayed) to trigger a cutscene. Doesn’t matter what you choose, you have to pay.

After speaking with the journalist in Bantam you need to head to the Wette Kitchen on the West side of town on Theater Alley. Count up is a good mode since you only need to aim to score higher than your opponent. On your way out, you’ll meet Tomioka. He’ll challenge you to a one-on-one fight to prove his skills. Examine the guy’s face, shoulder, then his drink. Bring a lot of healing items and any strong Extracts you have. Take a picture and then help Kim when Sakakiba comes in to start trouble. Speak to the client at Wild Jackson on Tenkaichi Street. Head to Theater Square, finish the chase scene. You should ask if she is dating anyone and end the date by taking a picture. Go to Don Quijote to buy the Janitor Uniform then return. After clearing any two batting courses, you’ll find him in the long corridor inside the Batting Center. At the start of Chapter 5. Your conversation in the first day should be about Nanami, asking about work and even asking her age. Ask about any of her written work and how she got into music. This referral will also increase your friendship meter with Yosuke. You need to speak with the client at night. This is a simple case, following basic objectives. Head to the office and put the panties on the roof. This guide is a work in progress. The location for the second date would be up to your choice.

The first time you get to hear about Nanami is when she texts you for the first time after the side case.

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