karim brick lanefinra rule 1220

So if he said: Salamun alaykum, the reply should be Salamun alaykum, and if he said: As-Salamu alaykum, then the reply should be the same. And if he does not have time for the other Surah, he should complete Surah al-Hamd, and join the Imam in Ruku, and if he cannot join the Imam in Ruku, he can discontinue Sura al-Hamd and join.

Issue 1262: * If a person forgets one Sajdah and tashahhud, he should, as a precaution, offer two Sajdatus Sahv for each of them. If, for example, the driver of automobile hires out his vehicle for pilgrimage, and incidentally performs pilgrimage himself as well, he should offer full prayers. (O Allah! (Glory be to Allah, Who is the Sustainer of the seven heavens and of the seven earth).

But if the time for daily prayers is not short, he should break that prayers and first offer Salat al-Ayaat and then offer the daily prayers.

However, if his journey has different purpose, he should shorten his prayers, even if he leaves out some obligatory acts during that journey. Issue 1290: A person who does not know how many farsakh his journey would be, like, if he travels in search of something not knowing how far he will have to go, should offer full prayers. But if the slope is so small that people ordinarily consider the ground as flat, there will be no objection. Issue 1062: If after raising his head from Sajdah, a person realises that he has done so before the completion of the Zikr of Sajdah, his prayers are in order.

Issue 1525: Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha prayers are obligatory during the time of Imam (A.S.), and it is necessary to offer them in congregation. Issue 1409: It has been reported in authentic traditions, that the congregational prayers are twenty five times better than the prayers offered alone. But if his return to the place of his stay is only for passing through, on a journey of eight farsakh or more, it will be necessary for him to offer qasr prayers at the time of going, returning, and also at that place. It is his watan, if the people there do not consider him a traveller, inspite of his sojourn at other place where he may be putting up for ten or less days.

Otherwise, there is no objection. If he raises his head by mistake, and if he has not completely ceased to be in Ruku and he recollects that he has not completed the Zikr of Ruku, he should make himself steady and recite the Zikr. (I commence with the Name of Allah - in Whom all excellences are combined and Who is free from all defects. Assalamu 'alayna wa 'ala 'ibadil lahis salihin. Issue 1300: * If a person, before covering 8 farsakh, becomes undecided about proceeding further, and in the same state of indecision continues travelling, till he decides to go further for 8 farsakh, or for a distance which would add up to make 8 farsakh on return, he should pray shortened prayers till the end, regardless of whether he wants to return the same day or night, or stay there for less than 10 days. Issue 1261: * If a person forgets Sajdah a few times, like, if he forgets one Sajdah in the first Rak'at and another in the second Rak'at, after the prayers, he should perform the qadha of each one of them. Issue 1503: Offering of Salat al-Ayaat is obligatory for the residents of only that town in which the event takes place.

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