one shot sargas ruk

His former rank is unknown.

Upon hearing the news that Alad V had discovered a cache of dormant Tenno near Sedna, Sargas ordered Alad to hand over the cache to the Grineer, on the grounds that the Tenno were found in their territory. This is a boss strategy guide for Warframe to help you defeat General Sargus Ruk.

Ruk generates a lot of heat, and while fighting, he will need to open some exhaust ports to vent that heat.

Melee Prowess 37.94%Pressure Point 37.94%Shattering Storm 11.06%Shotgun Savvy 11.06%Continuity 1.01%Split Chamber 1.01% Update 11.0 The fight itself is broken up into three stages. Tethys

Works with Mutalist Salad 5 too. ---

When other Tenno supported the Corpus, he made remarks about Alad V's treacherous nature and about the Tenno being willing to sacrifice their own kind to Alad's experiments. [1] His former rank is unknown. Dmg.

With the help of the Tenno, Steel Meridian decides to rebuild a Relay that was destroyed during Operation: Eyes of Blight (the Strata Relay in the PC and XB1 builds, or the Larunda Relay in the PS4 build).

Required fields are marked *. Spawn Level According to The Lotus' mission briefing, Sargas Ruk had been raiding and annexing Tenno-controlled dig sites in the region in search of Orokin artifacts.

He has three exhausts that only open in a set order, each representing a third of his health bar.

Though some of them are lost, the Tenno manage to rescue the majority of the crew members, though smaller-scale evacuations (and thus Ruk's attempts to sabotage them) continue. Sargas Ruk can do a lot of area-of-effect damage and fires an explosive grenade that can easily one-shot a low-level Warframe. Let's see, Ice Chroma, a shotgun (most likely Tigris Prime), and full Vex Armor buffs.

If you are high-level farming, you can one-shot Ruk with a full build Tigris Prime quite easily. As the Tenno evacuate the survivors, Ruk declares his disdain for the Defectors and, while he is initially content with leaving them to their fate, he ultimately sends out Manics to kill them as the Tenno redouble their efforts. General Sargas Ruk is a heavily armoured and augmented Grineer who has been known for interfering with the Tenno dig site operations in search for Orokin artifacts. Cloned Flesh

General His final weak spot will be revealed on his back which can be fired at when it begins to glow. Sargas Ruk is an augmented Grineer enemy who focuses mainly on using fire attacks. Updated Sargas Ruk’s face with wrinkle data so that you can see his anger in all of its wrinkled glory.

You can turn this dangerous encounter into a quick victory, if you know where to shoot. Modding for Radiation can greatly improve the effectiveness of your weapons when going against this boss. General Sargas Ruk

The third stage weak spot is on his back, and it will be exposed every time Ruk makes a ground slam attack or uses his Inferno ability, which causes jets of fire to explode out of the ground.

You can do so much damage it skips all his health gate "phases" and completely confuses everyone in the game. Ruk is fought in the mission Tethys, Saturn. 0000000000000000000000000000000000175JavaScript not loaded. These attacks may be evaded by moving away or dodging them. Alloy Armor Once destroyed, he will start using Fire Blast and the second exhaust will open at his chest.

Codex This respect for honor carried over to his assassination mission, as he labels his would-be assassins "mercenaries fighting for scraps".

Mission Reward Arm Cannon It is unknown if this is the result of genetic deterioration or just general difficulty with language. Base Level ‍+  ‍+  ‍+++  ‍−  ‍−− Following this guide will give you an edge on how to defeat General Sargas Ruk easily by following a few steps making him an easy boss to handle. The Tenno only need to wait for Ruk to expose his weak spots, while carefully avoiding attacks from Ruk and his reinforcing Grineer soldiers. Weapons modded for Puncture and Radiation damage will prove to be very effective against Ruk, and he has no damage cap.

Defeating Sargas Ruk will reward you with a random Ember part upon extraction. SHAREfactory™!/en-gb/tid=CUSA00572_00 Sargas Ruk can do a lot of area-of-effect damage and fires an explosive grenade that can easily one-shot a low-level Warframe. Ruk shows considerable difficulty in conversing properly, speaking in a forceful, fragmented manner, and often mangling his figures of speech (most infamously, his "greedy milk" declaration).

26 Nova’s ultimate used at the right time can also slow down Ruk, effectively keeping his vents open for longer.

After several offensives, Alad lost financial support from the Board of Directors, forcing him to pull out of Mars and give the Grineer victory. 1 Angered by Alad's defiance, Ruk demanded that all Corpus territories to be handed to the Grineer or there would be swift consequences. 3

Wait while he uses his flamethrower and grenades, then do as much damage as possible when the vent is exposed.

- from. Each vent represents one-third of his health bar, and when it is destroyed, the fight moves on to the next stage. Shik Tal's codex entry reveals that Ruk was against the release of The Grustrag Three, reminding Vay Hek that the Three's violent actions before their incarceration had cost Ruk some of his soldiers and that they should have been executed for their treachery.

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