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You will get a Charge skill card for your troubles, which is great for a physical-based Persona. As you move through this passage, you'll quickly come across a strange cell. Inugami and Jack Frost are two Personas that you can find from Madarame's Palace that can Null Curse and Drain Ice respectively. However, unlike the last mini-boss, the Apocalyptic Guide does have a somewhat higher susceptibility to critical hits to make the fight fairer. For the most part, you will want to destroy the evil god's additional arms to make the fight easier.

She will fully restore your HP and SP. Yaldabaoth has no weaknesses or resistances (though it cannot be affected by instant kill skills) and will gain more actions per turn as the battle goes on. The final persona and the secret boss can only be encountered in new game plus or above, but only once you reach the 2nd palace when the VELVET ROOM and mementos becomes fully unlocked, the date is the 5…

There will also be a new Shadow here, Choronzon, which is weak to Bless skills. It will use Mudoon, but you wil get a warning saying that it is groaning before it uses Mudoon. He also has access to Eigaon and Mapsio, the latter of which does technical damage if you’re Brainwashed (Psiodyne is also in his repertoire).

Available: 12/10 (December 10th)Difficulty: SResearch Required: NoLocation: Sheriruth 8th Floor. Watch out for Masukunda making the fight harder than it needs to be, and you should be fine. Each arm he adds is another action he can take that turn.

Use Down Shot to get it down quickly for an All-out Attack. She will also use Oni-Kagura, which deals Physical damage to the entire team and has the chance to inflict Rage on everyone. It will also use Marakunda to lower your defenses (for more Hassou Tobi damage) and Ziodyne/Maziodyne for Electric damage. But you can't go to those stores anymore after you descend the area beyond the second Safe Room in this dungeon. If you manage to defeat Yaldaboth, you will have shown it the power to resist ruin, but even that won't be enough. It now has an added weakness to Bless, so take advantage of that with the Personas you have. Show it to the twins, and your next task will be to bring them a Hecatoncheires with Masukunda, which might be just out of your reach for now. When you get this Request, you will have to work at a store in the city. Who's Been Assaulting People? He is a far less sinister man, though he looks the same. Hit it with any of those attacks and you're going to be greatly disappointed. Yaldabaoth will restore all of its four arms to full health and use Divine Apex to charge up its most powerful attack. He has a lot of health so expect a long fight, even with Nuclear skills. You will receive the Evil Snow Crystal after defeating him, which lets you fuse Black Frost as a Persona. Continue along to the steps and up to the next room.

Legion will hit you with Maeiga, a moderate Curse skill that hits everyone. If you can prevent Physical damage from being a problem, this battle should be easy. Resist Physical and Electric and you should be able to win this fight. That this disk back to the puzzle area and use it on the gate that's in the middle of it. Continue on to the next area and head north to get to the third mini-boss: the Declarer of Anguish! It is weak to Wind. In this next room, start by jumping down the ledges to the floor below, but watch out for the Shadow that's patrolling down there. You can then proceed down to the door to the next room. You and your remaining two teammates will have to dish out as much damage as possible to keep it distracted. Just giving you a heads up. Stand and fight. Who's Muscling in Yongen-Jaya? Watch Yaksini's physical attacks, and the fact that she will use Taunt to inflict Rage on your team members. Target will occasionally attack party members. This area will have things getting a little tougher, as the enemies you will encounter will be from Kaneshiro’s Palace.

It can also use Charge to power up Rampage. Thanks for letting me know, I'll double check that. Chernobog can heal himself with Diarahan, which is rather annoying. She can also debuff your party’s defense with Marakunda.

Him being weak to Bless skills will definitely make the battle go faster. Available: Reach Rank 4 with Mishima (Moon Confidant)Difficulty: CResearch Required: NoLocation: Chemdah 1st Floor. Available: 1/14 (January 14th)Difficulty: SResearch Required: NoLocation: Da'at 7th Floor. The following is IGN's walkthrough for most of December 24 (12/24) and the final Palace in Persona 5, the Depths of Mementos.

Available: 6/18 (June 18th)Difficulty: DResearch Required: YesLocation: Aiyatsubus 6th Floor.

Face off against the powerful twin wardens to the best of your abilities. Distorted Envy: Inflicts one target with Jealousy. Sorry i wasnt keeping track, but i know for one of them that you said was weak to electric wasnt.

However, that challenge is negated, due to the fact that he can be confused. The following is IGN's guide for the Request Winners Don't Use Cheats available in Mementos in Persona 5.. For this request, you need to talk to …

Available: 8/2 (August 2nd)Difficulty: CResearch Required: YesLocation: Kaitul 8th Floor. This section only has a single floor. It will also summon Legions throughout the fight. The next target is in Chemdah Area 1 and is Shadow Odo. Target will have greatly reduced attack. Thanks for pointing that out! After this, you'll have reached the depths. When you're ready, head down the path to the south-west and jump across the platforms beside the path to get around the crowd. Don't let your health drop too low and this fight won't be hard. It appears that Oyamada just likes to spam Megido, although he can also buff his attack with Tarukaja. It takes a lot of damage from your attacks, which makes it easy to kill. With this boss down, you will be able to resume the Death Confidant once you return to the real world.

The fight starts with Stagnant Air to make everyone more susceptible to ailments. Distorted Avarice: Damages and inflicts Hunger to one target for one turn. Head down and face it. If you have Personas that resist Physical like Slime, now is a good time to use them.

After that, you'll have completed all the puzzles in this Palace! As with Mogami, he will also open up with Stagnant Air, then will usually follow it up with Flash Bomb on his next turn, which can cause Dizzy (accuracy down). After watching more people come to their senses, head up to the next set of paths. Available: Reach Rank 8 with Mishima (Moon Confidant)Difficulty: BResearch Required: NoLocation: Akzeriyyuth 3rd Floor.

Distorted Lust: Inflicts Lust onto on party member for one turn. This time, though, you have a limited number of moves before the platforms reset! Light Edge: Almighty sweep that hits the whole party.

This is the first Request you will receive from Mishima. For winning, you will get Chinese Sweets , which is a book you can read. Sadism Is Just A Sign of Love They will start the inferno of rebellion that the world needs to press on. It will use Brain Shake to deal damage and turn your team against you. Available: 11/25 (November 25th)Difficulty: AResearch Required: NoLocation: Adyesach 13th Floor. Climb up and then down the raised platforms and you'll quickly come to a safe room.

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