piper comanche 260 poh

Theres also a bit of a tendency to wheelbarrow during crosswind takeoffs, caused by pilots holding the nose down to prevent a premature departure. Besonderer Schwerpunkt ist das grosse Flugzeuglexikon mit technischen Daten und Fotos zu fast allen jemals in Serie produzierten Motorflugzeugen. Its a solidly built bird. I have upgraded to digital radios, added a gear warning system that sounds when the flaps are lowered and the gear is up, now sold by Knots 2-U. Trying to set it down too quickly results in a bounce, especially with an aft CG. Software, Serverbetrieb). hb-pon piper comanche 260c.

I cruise at 2200 and 25, true airspeed 150 MPH at 7,000 ft. burning about 9 GPH.

Reducing power to 65 percent results in lower fuel burn (around 18 GPH), along with somewhat slower speeds. Compared to a more contemporary and similar aircraft, the Mooney M20, the Comanche is quite slow: down about 20 knots. Empty wt. The panel is about what one would expect from a 1950s airplane: different. By 1972, the two Comanches still in production – the 260 and turbo 260 – were losing popularity. Engine 260-hp Lycoming. (a simple and well engineered device, this should be standard fare for every retractable.)

Bleiben Sie gespannt!Flugzeuginfo.net ist ein rein privates Webprojekt. Empty wt. n3764x piper comanche 260c. Also With This ArticleClick here to view charts for Resale Values, Payload Compared and Prices Compared.Click here to view the Piper PA-24 Comanche features guide. Climb is around 1300 FPM. If my son, cousin, and I ever talk the Chief Pilot into a few LoPresti or Knots-2U mods, a more Bonanza-like approach technique may be needed. Every Comanche jockey has his own theory on landings, so heres mine: keep the speed below 70 knots at touchdown and try for a low flare. So the lesson is to make your mechanic pay scrupulous attention to the gear system, and then brush up on your emergency techniques. It will stop flying and stall quickly (slam dunk landings).

Now something of a collectors item, it was introduced in 1964 and discontinued only a year and 145 airplanes later, this beast had a normally aspirated, fuel injected, eight-cylinder IO-720 Lycoming hanging off the nose (the engine is basically two IO-360s mated end-to-end), fitted with a three-bladed prop. The turbo was a manual Rajay system, which had a second throttle waste gate with which the pilot would manually set boost at altitude. ICS decided to do something about that and now markets a modern format POH befitting the birds high performance character. The Comanche C was rolled out in 1969, with further refinements, including another gross weight increase and a distinctive shark nose cowl. The Comanche was once the top of Piper’s single engine lineup.

Our carbureted 1962 Comanche 250 has been in the family since 1976, when it replaced a nicely restored, much loved Cessna 195. Ceiling 19,800. The first year of production was 1958, and two models were offered, a 180-HP and a 250-HP version.

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