porsche cayman years to avoid

Timing is everything; especially in comedy and engines!

The Cayman has been around since 2006, but it was redesigned for the 2013 model year and re-christened the 981 in Porsche parlance. You need a clear picture of where the used vehicle you propose to buy is in this wear process. However, save for a few notable items discussed below, the Cayman is solid and reliable. Many Porsche owners like to go to track days. The engine management system is measuring the angles in every rotation and within a range of angles, can adjust the timing of fuel delivery and spark to compensate for wear changes.

There was a time when the Cayman was riding high in the Porsche sales figures. Taking the engine to the red line for RPM is a good thing, but going over the red line obviously can cause damage. Weakness in the suspension joints, wear in the bushings or a simple alignment problem can very quickly eat expensive rear tires. See our guide to Porsche repair shops for your local expert or contact us and we’ll make a recommendation for you. Much of this sound is the proximity of your ear to the valve train and the exhaust headers.

The older Cayman is a tremendous way to enter the Porsche coupe ownership world. Engine revs will increase while the car does not accelerate. Wear on the clutch should be very noticeable. Maintenance schedules are based on mileage and elapsed time. The rotation is measured in degrees of a full circle. The trained nose can smell coolant from the exhaust when the engine is running. A slipping clutch spells trouble.

Ten year old cars with reasonable mileage are available for less than 25% of their original cost!

If you purchase something using our affiliate links, G/O Media may earn a commission. In 1996, Porsche de... Four years after the introduction of the Cayman S, and three after the regular Cayman, the mid-engine sport-coupe from Porsche received an important update. Don’t buy an early automatic Cayman! The 1999-2004 Porsche 911 was much maligned when new, but speculators think it's about to become collectible. Sales in these years were very flat after the housing bubble burst, so a short supply of good used cars exists from this period. On the track, gear changes will occur right around the rpm maximum red line. If you are looking at an early Cayman and the bearing has been replaced, there will be a sticker and serial number of the bearing in the engine lid. The suspension on the Cayman is very solid. The number of owners doesn’t necessarily matter with a Cayman – the work and records performed do. This should enable you to better understand the asking price, the near future maintenance requirements of the car and perhaps help identify a well maintained Cayman from a neglected one.

Prices vary, however, in general the Cayman is a bargain, with 987 models at very affordable prices. Yes, parts and some labor costs will be higher than a typical American or Japanese vehicle.

You’re going to pay a little more for an oil change and standard maintenance items, however, don’t try to cheap these. Early versions have plastic interior parts that can easily become discolored due to wear and tear. This is difficult to see because it’s so far under the car, but check it regularly or you’ll be buying rear tires way more often than you expect. Take a flash light and look closely to see whether the front air intakes are full of rotting leaves and debris when you inspect the Cayman.

They’re really nothing special. Small car.

From the exterior to the interior, from the engine to the gearbox and suspension, it was reworked. $1k for a set of 4 tires. You’re buying a Porsche, so don’t compare running costs to a small domestic hatchback! The Cayman is a wonderful choice for practical everyday Porsche motoring. Finding the right car is never simple, but with some luck and armed with the right information, you can pickup a bargain.

As we said earlier this year: The Porsche Cayman GT4 is an absolute masterstroke, a delight to toss headlong over blind crests and into fast bends, and a fitting halo for the Cayman ethos. The brakes on the Cayman are generally excellent. That doesn’t mean ignore the early versions, it simply means more caution is required. Yup, you’ve got three flat-sixes to choose from: a 2.7-liter, a 3.4-liter and a 3.8-liter. See our article Different Perspectives for more information. There should be a wear lip on the rotor and the size of that lip will determine how much mileage remains. Low mileage cars can have hidden issues. If you hear this noise and the price of the car is zero dollars, you’ll still need approx.

However, there is a distinctly different sound that identifies with this particular issue that you don’t want to hear! The rhythmic knock is the piston changing position at the bottom of the stroke and hitting the liner. A lack of mileage still causes wear and tear in items such as fluids, tires, brakes, clutch surfaces and oil seals. The Cayman is extremely pretty, so look past the sparkle and do your research.

The 981 version currently attracts a lot of money and we’d buy an older 911 instead of a similar price later 981 Cayman.

The history of the mid-engined cars from Porsche goes way back in history. So, if you’re buying from a used car vendor, look for new pads on old rotors.

The GT4, forgive me, is made of want.

The opening and closing of valves, the piston rising and falling in the cylinder and a spark are required at precise times during an engine rotation.

Most recently, demand for the used Cayman has increased and available good examples are becoming rarer. Right now, the early 987 version is the likely candidate for best value for money.

If your ownership plans include heading out for a track day (HPDE), then the Cayman is the place to start. Like having sex on the edge of the Grand Canyon, the Porsche Cayman is an exciting exercise in balance. Later versions, especially the 3.4L S, certainly have a bit more zip about them, but in general the Cayman was designed to not compete with the 911, so it will always be a little behind in performance. The main Cayman trim levels are: Cayman, Cayman S, GTS, and GT4, though there is a special Black Edition available this year as well. The earlier engines experienced issues with stretching timing chains and significant wear on the timing guide rails. If a seller wont let you inspect the car, walk away.

There is a distinct shortage of cars in the 2008 through 2012 model years.

Sometimes, a crack in the cylinder liner can take a considerable amount of running time to fully open and cause problems. However, extended wear can produce an angle outside of the allowed deviation range and a fault condition will be set.

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