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[9], JCreeper Perhaps one of the oldest of the RLSV, JC has adopted the guise of DC Comics' The Joker. Some fictions that featured Pure Evils in their stories put these characters into a test in which they are subjected to brainwashing/possession to the good side to see whether they still have a shred of redeeming qualities, often at the cost of memories pertaining their past as wicked people (e.g. Through their evil acts and by having no empathy, Pure Evils manage to destroy their own innocence and as a result, the villain is no longer sympathetic. murder is basic villainy but with this standard the villain must go The same can also apply, if the original version of the character ends up counting, but other versions of the character does not. Tamerlane - Taking his name from the 15th century Asian steppe lord[13], this RLSV from Miami, Florida seeks to add a dose of reality to the RLSV movement via his critique of the United States government as well as the RLSH. Simple one-dimensional characters like a destroyer with no clearly defined personality such as the Ten-Tails cannot be considered Pure Evil. Garavito is a man who has confessed to raping, torturing, and killing 140 children. He … The Evil Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. To be genuinely Affably Evil, the following criteria must be met: They are opposite of Good Hearted Bastards. Commit atrocious acts that are terrible (and fairly new) by the standards of the story and in comparison to any other character in the story. Many villains walk a thin line between good and evil, indeed some villains have given into remorse, sympathy or even empathy, and once arrogant villains ascend further into the path of good, often fighting alongside or protecting people they fought against, they begin to turn away from their old ways.

), their unforgivably horrendous villainy FAR EXCEEDS their tragedy to draw any forms of sympathy. Groups like organizations, corporations, teams, families, and entire species, for example, cannot be considered Pure Evil. A number of individuals appeared specifically to declare themselves foes of either a specific RLSH or the RLSH in general. Since the part of the story where the villain appears is not complete, it is best practice to wait until it is complete to consider adding the category to the villain.

These types of villains are never pure evil and will most likely have their limits of how far their evil-doing goes. ‎Real life Supervillains is a term adopted by individuals who emerged in response to the Real Life Superheroes movement. Malavado had a love of modern electronic music and hails from Gainsville, Florida. With a character's individual capability, it is also possible for a Serial Killer and a Dictator to apply as Pure Evil despite having access to different types of resources that has varying scope. Satan (Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light), Lucifer Magne (Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light), Current Owner, The Lord of Chaos and Madness, Cactivil (Time Majesty: Ruffus Adventures), Darth Vader (Star Wars: The Empire of Light), Erik Killmonger (Marvel Fanfilm Universe), Icelynn (Time Majesty: Ruffus Adventures), Junko Enoshima (Junko Enoshima is Love, Junko Enoshima is Life), Mephiles the Dark (Real-Time Fandub Games), Nine The Phantom (Bizarre Adventures of Hakumen and his friends), Shadow the Hedgehog (Real-Time Fandub Games), Thunderbolt Ross (Marvel Fanfilm Universe), There can be no justification for their acts.

standard and meet the norm. Although rare exceptions of those that have crossed it only once can count if said action is heinous and atrocious enough by the standards of the story, and they meet all criteria. [citation needed] How RLSHs choose to see RLSVs is perhaps less important than how RLSVs see themselves and choose to act.

It is suspected that Phoenix Jones may have actually hired Cory and Rocket Launch Productions to "arch" him for publicity sake. Mick Taylor from Wolf Creek is a very good example of this, his dad was abusive and evil, making him what he turned into. [16].

Pure Good means that these heroes want to make the world better, or at least keep it from getting any worse. In addition, any actions out of genuine concern or for altruistic reasons are disqualifying factors and the villain cannot count as Pure Evil. Resources can mean the amount of time they appear in the story, character's role, access to resources in their setting, for example. standards to qualify: the average villain or character from the Pure Evil villain. He is very loyal to the Legion of Doom though, for it was that group that took him in while the others did not. This ruins any sympathetic background he had and makes him fit the criteria. A Villain turned to the Good side is usually the end-result of a villain exposed to The Messiah and Pure of heart and occassionally a Charismatic Hero. For more information on the Pure Evil villain please read our criteria. Through the type of story that the villain appears in, it is important that they are presented completely seriously without any factor that can take away from their seriousness.

If a villain commits the same atrocitious acts done before by another character that appeared before them, be they hero or villain, they're no longer new to the heinous standard of the work. Kap is a fighter with the mouth of a sailor. This goes over the what the character is capable of by themselves. [7], Dr. Retrieved from "" A Pure Evil villain must meet these Commit atrocious acts that are terrible (and fairly new) by the standards of the story and in comparison to any other character in the story. If another villain is not as heinous as another villain, then they cannot count as Pure Evil. He raped and murdered all of Run's students from his hometown, which led to Run's decision to avenge them and join the Jaegers to find and kill the man whom did this. Tamerlane has also challenged RLSH Phoenix Jones to a game of chess. To see our Pure Discussion Dates, visit our page and reserve yourself a series. No sympathy can be given to the Pure Evil villain. You can be pure evil if you are a criminal and/or corrupt official but being a criminal and/or corrupt official is not necessary to be pure evil. For example, many versions of the. Instead of being sympathetic though, Mick doesn't seem to care about being abused at all as a grown up.

For example, many versions of the. The character is supposed to, Even though it is common for many Pure Evil villains to be. ZyklonB - Vice-President of the Legion of Doom and R.O.A.C.H. they … In fact, some fictions that featured both a Pure Evil and a Masters of Horrors often shows that Masters of Horrors usually pose greater threat than standard Pure Evils that when comparing his deep they crossed MEH, Masters of Horrors usually beats Pure Evils in terms of how deep they crossed.

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