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Random "Confirmation Code" Text Messages No sure what kind of scam this would be or if it just some one screwing something up. Introduction to Biblical Leadership – A Profile of Character?
At Remind, we are committed to helping protect all of our users. Note 1: When you download the app, push notifications are turned on and your text and email Remind messages are automatically disabled - so you do not receive duplicates.

We'll let you know if your teacher is not available to receive a reply.

. Unlikely, but worth looking into when something phishy happens. Get in touch!

For example, announcements and messages from Ms. Smith will come from one number (555-555-5555), while announcements and messages from Mr. Jones will come from a different number (888-888-8888). Remind can now send your messages faster with 81010.

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. What gives?

Could these "phishing attempts" just be someone who is confused and mistakenly listed your phone number on their own accounts to these services instead of theirs? To join more classes, text the class code to 81010 (US only). The way in which this works is that students and parents have to opt-in if they want to be added to your text messaging list and have to enter a confirmation code to state that they do want to be contacted by you through the service. Call your cell provider and make sure that no one has requested that calls / text to your phone be forwarded to another number (this is sometimes done by thieves for wire/bank fraud.) Remind Schools & Districts Higher Ed Teachers Families Partners Log in Sign up

The area code for these numbers is randomly assigned and doesn't change the normal cost of receiving a text message. All posts copyright their original authors. Whether you’ve just created your account or you’ve been with us for years, US-based teachers will now see a 5-digit phone number (81010) instead of a traditional 10 digit phone number (555-555-5555) when logged in to Remind.
If you are in a conversation with multiple people: *When first joining or being added to a class with multiple owners, you can expect a welcome message from each owner. To make you aware of any changes that are made to the cell phone number(s) or email address(es) on your account, we will notify you when a phone number or email address is added or removed from your existing account.

Unlikely, but worth looking into when something phishy happens. Each class announcement will be labeled with the class name, while individual messages will be labeled with the signature. And then, on the evening before your field trip to perform tashlich, watch how a shofar is made or to a matzah factory, parents will receive a text message, along with a reminder about what to pack for the field trip and an emergency contact number to use during the field trip. You can save these numbers in your contacts list under the teacher's name. Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems. Rabbi Michoel Green

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