restart my phone without power button

Simply tap on the “Continue” button and wait for a while as your phone will be restarted automatically. In case your button is simply missing i.e. All Rights Reserved. Tips and tricks for phone to phone data transfer. Learn how to restart iPhone without Power button and frozen screen by following the next technique. Part 1: How to restart iPhone using AssistiveTouch? Step 2. When faced by such scenarios, it would be advisable to restart your phone in order to remove the corrupted code and enable the smartphone to start again. Additionally, you can give the "adb reboot" command also. Nevertheless, while following this method, the stored Wi-Fi passwords and paired Bluetooth devices would be erased. To do this, visit your phone’s Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch and turn it on. 2. Use it to go to the correct location of your ADB directory. Download the Activator app on your iPhone from here.

Step 1. After you have entered the phone, you can download apps from Google Play Store to help you using your phone without power button. If the Home or Power button on your device isn’t working properly, then don’t worry. You know the phone is fine, but you are unable to wake it up just because the tiny little button is broken. The popular combinations are Home + Power button, Home + Volume Down + Volume Up, Home + Volume Up, Power Button + Volume Up, and so on. First charge your device to check the battery percentage.Charge it up to at least 15% then unplug it from the mains charger (wall charger) and connect to a PC or laptop via USB.Your device will automatically boot up. Migrate and Sync Files between Different Clouds. To turn on the Bold text feature on your phone, visit its Settings > General > Accessibility and toggle on the feature of “Bold text”. Failure to get your device means either the USB debugging mode isn't enabled or the device's drivers are incorrectly installed. This is an app that enable you to double tap the screen to wake or lock smartphone. Cool Apps, Cool Life; Provide the most needed software for global users, improve the quality of life with science and technology.

© 2014 - 2020 FonePaw Technology Limited, HongKong. And when you take the phone up or out, the screen will automatically wake up. Well we don’t have that in place but [email protected] ( Same Guy who created the Battery Status App ) has developed an App which just restarts your phone without pressing the power button . If you wish to learn how to restart iPhone without lock button, then this is one of the easiest techniques. Connect your phone to a charger or computer with USB cable, ask a friend to call you, press Camera button if you have one. The boot menu is often used to either clear cache or factory reset an Android device. If you are using devices like Samsung S7/S6/S5 with physical home button, or models such as HTC One M9 Plus, Xperia Z5/Z4, LG G6/G5 with double-tap screen wake feature available, it won't be too terrible. Dr.Fone gives discounts and free phones,etc.Stay tuned.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to restart iPhone without Power button.

From here, you can access gesture control on your device to perform various tasks.

Step 4. ), Quick Ways to Fix Touch Screen Not Working on Android Problem. Draining your phone’s battery is one of the easiest ways to learn how to restart iPhone without Power button and frozen screen.

- If that also is not possible, ask a friend to give you a call. The AssistiveTouch works as a great alternative to the home and power button for iPhone users. - Just tap the home button on your phone to make it responsive. The first thing you should do is to enter your Android phone again. Alternative to Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android, Android SMS Manager - Manage Android Text Messages, Top 5 Android Storage Managers to Free up Space, Recover Deleted Text Messages from Motorola. Now when you know five different ways to restart iPhone without lock button, you can simply follow the most preferred option. If the phone is still up and running, you can consider installing applications to substitute the use of a power button. Tips and tricks for fixing all system issues on mobile phone. If your smartphone is unresponsive or in sleep mode, you can always reboot it by utilizing a few artless tactics. The proximity sensor is  located besides your phone's earpiece. Copyright © 2020 Wondershare. This is another trouble-free way to restart iPhone without Power button. If you are willing to take this small risk, then you can easily follow this method and learn how to restart iPhone without button. Step 3. FonePaw uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Got it! There are chances that your phone is off due to low battery. The software issues are often caused when the operating system or applications get corrupted either due to an abrupt app crush or rogue application performance.

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