rita skeeter transphobia

While this is technically realistic, the fact is that realism does not matter or even exist in fiction. Instead, she said “Dumbledore is gay” in an interview, and then the author wrote a screenplay where Dumbledore is never shown to be gay. Psychiatrists had believed Gein was attempting to make a "woman suit" to pretend to be his dead mother. Jade is a 16-year-old aspiring journalist and activist from South Africa who now lives in Fiji. From students and teachers being petrified one-by-one to the diary of Tom Riddle, from the comedy of Gilderoy Lockhart to Harry’s battle with the basilisk, it was by far the most engaging and thrilling of the series. There are numerous examples of Rowling’s transphobia, including but not limited to citing several articles by TERFs, incorrectly conflating menstruation with being a woman, and implying trans women aren’t discriminated against. He makes few meaningful choices, as Dumbledore arguably planned out his whole journey for him. In fact, she’s probably a better example than Luna! I actually believe that when these conversations exist they make problematic art a force for good – I didn’t know enough about controlling relationships until I read Twilight as a pre-teen, and it forced me to think about the world differently. Press When Harry begins showing him even the smallest degree of compassion, Kreacher begins to serve him as a loyal slave and even fights for him in the Battle of Hogwarts. Rarely does J.K. Rowling plant or sow any “seeds” in her story. It really is Harry’s abilities that make him who he is. What is there to say about Harry Potter as a character? So much for your favourite boy wizard being a good person. I have a lot of issues with this prophecy. Sasuke just sort of gives up on his evil plans, hinting that he might turn evil again, but whatever…. As a result, his death feels manipulative. Let’s get right down to it; Hermione’s abolitionism suddenly makes a whole lot more sense. Most of the time, she’ll introduce a concept only to abandon it in the following book. By contrast, if we look at the example of Samwise Gamgee, the chief protagonist in The Lord of the Rings, we see a character who saves the world by overcoming his character flaws. Most of the time, they die off-page. The texts, known as the Cormoran Strike series, follow the eponymous investigator and his business partner, Robin Elliott, as they solve brutal crimes. Not long afterwards, on the 10th of June 2020, the creator of Harry Potter published a four thousand-word manifesto on her personal blog. For my part, I’m ashamed to say I knew nothing. The transgender character receives the brunt of the author’s disdain. The information is out there, and she’s still spewing hate. In 1959, Robert Bloch wrote the book "Psycho." The idea that women like me, who’ve been empathetic to trans people for decades, feeling kinship because they’re vulnerable in the same way as women – ie, to male violence – ‘hate’ trans people because they think sex is real and has lived consequences – is a nonsense. Required fields are marked *. However, if we were to accept that Hermione is undeniably black, then glorifying slavery would become more repugnant, not less. The world Rowling imagined exists to fulfil a fantasy: what if I were the most important person in the world? That aside, Albus Dumbledore as portrayed in the books and films is a truly terrible human being. Characters like Draco Malfoy and Neville Longbottom aren’t built up at all until it’s far too late to build anything up.

In it, Norman Bates, a murderer, has been impersonating and dressing up as his dead mother. What follows is among the most vacuous and saccharine pieces of writing I’ve ever read. Trans women existing is not misogyny, despite the lies that TERFs want you to believe. The books make a big deal of every minor character’s death, and yet most of them only exist in relation to Harry. Most of the characters who die in the Battle of Hogwarts were one-note background characters who were either never important or had fallen from prominence several books previously. Far worse is her inability to provide proper buildup or payoff across multiple books, which likely stems from an inability (or unwillingness) to adequately plan her series overall. Severus Snape, the one remaining character who’s even remotely interesting (at least till you examine his motivations and realize they make no sense), is killed in an entirely forgettable scene. You'll see this played out — and I mean played out — for comedy in "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" and "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery." This is especially true at the end, with Harry’s rebirth as a christ-figure. She writes disjointed stories about a heroic slaveowner, whom other characters constantly die to protect—including a former slave. The later books’ attempts at “adult” fantasy clash with the inherent childishness of the Wizarding World. Also, Molly rips off one of the Alien films…. My best advice when it comes to ending a story is this: don’t end your book with “All was well.”  As far as I’m aware, it’s the worst line you could possibly end a book with. Before I discuss the subpar storytelling in her work, I want to make one thing absolutely clear: J.K. Rowling is a transphobic bigot who routinely spreads dehumanizing messages to her numerous fans. Rowling’s unwillingness to tell a coherent story across more than a single book makes the whole Harry Potter saga feel like something of a disjointed mess. As mentioned, both Sirius Black and Remus Lupin are built up as important characters only to die unceremonious deaths that do little to advance the plot. Unlike her white classmates, Hermione comes from a background where she’s had to live with the consequences of white people having enslaved her ancestors. All is well, supposedly, because most slaveowners are “good slaveowners.”. Voldemort’s death is of the sort we’d expect of a Disney villain. Concepts are introduced for a book and then forgotten about. I’ll leave you to interpret the antisemitism and colonialism here. Thus, he doesn’t have to overcome any personal flaws to fulfill his destiny. All of this art is problematic, or it was created and influenced by problematic people, and that is a conversation that we need to have. To support local, independent, LGBTQ journalism, consider becoming a BAR member. More recently, in May 2020, Rowling responded to a child’s fan art with some random transphobia. I was certainly too young to see some of the more toxic themes of the story, but I began to lose my taste for Rowling’s work all the same. If they “misbehave,” they are compelled to inflict self-harm, such as when Dobby burns his own hands with a hot iron. Even in the Harry Potter series, Rowling included a character called Rita Skeeter, described as having “man hands.” Rita is a shape-shifter who uses her powers to violate the privacy of Rowling’s cis heroes. Unfortunately, somewhere down the line, J.K. Rowling decided Snape was a sympathetic hero. I spoke to people who hated the film, who thought it fetishized gay men, who thought it perpetuated a long living and horrible prejudice that associated homosexuality, especially in men, with pedophillia or predatory relationships. The woman who created Harry Potter treats trans people with nothing but cruelty and contempt, always insisting that the trans women have “stolen” something that is rightfully hers. Basically, once you sort through all the evasive language, the gist of it is that J.K. Rowling thinks trans people existing is a threat to her identity as a cis woman and thus misogynistic. In the following two tweets, the creator of Harry Potter tries to justify her biological essentialism with what she seems to think is feminism.

TERFs are people who insist, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that trans women are “men in dresses infiltrating feminism.”  It’s a vile, hateful ideology that harms the trans community immeasurably. We don’t get to decide how art impacts people. I’m writing this in June 2020 so please forgive me if there are any examples of Rowling’s bigotry that I missed. Without a doubt, they will find videos by alt-right personalities defending Rowling—people like Carl Benjamin and Blaire White.

That’s what proper buildup and payoff can do for a story. I grappled with my love of Hamilton as conversations about glorifying slave owners came to light. I was somewhat younger than eleven when I first started reading Harry Potter—perhaps six or seven—so for most of that time I was considerably younger than Harry was. I didn’t know one could jam this many fallacies into a single sentence outside of a PragerU video. conversations about glorifying slave owners, I'm a leftist, now what: an introduction to leftist theory, How Slavery and Segregation Shaped the Development of Jazz, The problem with the "I’m not like other girls" caricature, Skin Lightening: A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry, Rejecting toxic masculinity: The gender politics of 'Fight Club', Five activism clubs to start at school this year, How Has American Racism Changed?--From the 1900s to Now, How to handle and understand political correctness, Exploring the cultural landscape of ‘Avatar: the Last Airbender’, ‘The Last Airbender’ live action shits on Asian and Indigenous culture in a mess of a movie, ‘The caucasity!’: The racist nature and controversies of TikTok. It isn’t hate to speak the truth. If you’re used to TERF rhetoric, it should come as no surprise that Maya Forstater wasn’t fired for saying that “Sex is real,” whatever that means. All his traits outside of Book Five are things like “selfless,” “brave,” and “loyal.”  And unlike some brave, loyal, selfless characters such as Samwise Gamgee, Harry doesn’t have meaningful flaws to round out his character. This is typical of the intolerant liberal-left: there will be no right to disagree, only a public flagellation and a lifetime of ignominy if you disagree with the accepted narrative. The hero of the story casually threatens a trans woman with prison rape, and we’re meant to side with him. In September 2020, the creator of Harry Potter published yet another long, transphobic manifesto.

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