rose cross ritual

With arm outstretched on a level with the centre of the cross, and holding the incense stick, go the South West corner and make a similar cross, repeating the name. 10. STEP 2. AUM!

You might also consider and incorporate astrological aspects in formulating the projection (though this is not required).

Turn towards the South East and retrace your steps there, but now, holding the incense stick directed towards the floor. Give the Sign of Orus (also called the Sign of Osiris Slain), and say “The Sign of Orus.”, 18. Log in or …

Begin at the southeast corner of your ritual area and face

STEP 1. Depending on the work, you could also make the projection by charging an edible magickal link (either in the Sign of Horus or by holding your hand(s) over it), such as a Cup of Water or Wine, Cakes of Light or whatever you may be using at the time as a libation.

This rite may (but does not have to) be preceded by a Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram using either the Traditional-Four Winds formula or the Thelemic formula. As you draw the bottom THE WAYS OF THE KHABS RUN THROUGH ME TO STIR ME OR STILL ME.

Accordingly, consider how you may use this type of energy yourself and by projecting it to others (always in accordance with the Law of Thelema). THE RITUAL OF THE TETRAGRAMMATON, ROSE AND CROSS (AN ASCENT TO TIFERETH, THE SEAT OF THE SUN & ETERNAL SOUL) There lies a cross suspended, glimmering before you, which pulses throughout your flesh, just as it shines before your darkened eyes. Crosses may be traced by starting at the center point and tracing a line up and back to the center point, then down and back to the center point, then to the left and back to the center point, and to the right and back to the center point. Image via Journey with Omraam; Right: The rose in the Rosicrucian cross is a concentration of mystical meanings including that of unfolding … A. Sutherland - - The Rose Cross is a symbol widely associated with Rosicrucians and the semi-legendary Christian Rosenkreuz, Alchemist, Qabbalist, and founder of the Rosicrucian Order. 8. 13.

STEP 7. STEP 3. Hello Guys! 12.

Draw a line from the center of that rose cross to the northwest share. When making any projection, speak clearly, and do not slur words. This is

0000001930 00000 n 23. In the centre of the room, above your head, trace the cross and the circle and vibrate the name. From the centre of this cross, and, raising the stick as before, walk diagonally across the room towards the North East corner. Retrace the cross, but larger, vibrating HADIT, and make a big circle, vibrating NUIT.

to the SE corner. The circle represents the rose. Making projections tends to become natural over time and a regular part of a ceremonial magickal practice. As you make the circle, vibrate YEH-HAH-SHU-AH. Projections may be made in the Sign of Horus or simply by speaking at the Altar. Let it clean every pore and aspect of your Being.


When reviewing this rite, consider the differences in the correspondences in the Pentagram Rituals, the Hexagram Rituals and Liber Resh vel Helios, and how the formula of the Rosy Cross applies to this rite.

Proudly created with See and feel the Rose Crosses which surround you. STEP 10. If working as a group, a single projection should be prepared, which the group works on together before the rite.

About The Rose Cross Ritual. Consider the formula of the traditional version of this rite and how this rite differs by invoking the Most High in the Thelemic Pantheon and the 93 Current.

briefly at the center of the cross. corner.

If a circle is to be traced around the cross, you then move the incense stick to the middle of the right hand bar of the cross and trace the circle through all four bars of the cross.

Complete the journey back The circle represents the

0000001364 00000 n Stab the circle on the last syllable and feel the rose being energized.

STEP 3. the cross and rose and vibrate the word.

Draw a line from the center of that rose cross to the southwest corner. Light a stick of incense. Now you have made a vertical circle between the With the incense, draw a cross, and then a circle, not

As you make the circle, vibrate YEH-HAH-SHU-AH. 0000003589 00000 n Now say the following, giving the Sign of the Enterer at the word “stir” and returning in the Sign of Silence at the word “still”: 26. Return to the South West and rest the point of the incense a moment in the centre of the cross there.


Now return to the center of your ritual area and face 22. 100% Upvoted. 0000003045 00000 n hide. STEP 2.

to SE, drawing a line around the room, and at each corner point YEH-HAH-SHU-AH. on the last syllable and feel the rose being energized. 0000001511 00000 n 0000001174 00000 n Go to the North West corner and repeat the cross and the name. Left: Rose Cross, a symbol of the heart chakra. The RCR can also be used for relaxation, smoothing out ones astral body before sleep.

Extend the arms again as in 17 and cross them again as in 20, and say “L.V.X., Lux, the Light of the True Cross.”. Complete this circle by returning to the South East and bringing the point of the stick again to the centre of the cross, then move with arm outstretched to the South West corner. 0000001969 00000 n Stab the circle corners.

This ceremony can be concluded by the analysis of the Key Word as follows: 15. before, and vibrate the name. Do the same again, this time moving to the northeast corner.

It is not necessary to make another cross. This ritual requires a lit stick of incense. from the NW corner, down to the midway point on the ground.

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