sift practice test

Ensure you check all your materials with your instructor first, as you don’t want to be disqualified because you broke any rules. The SIFT test is used by the U.S. Air Force as a selection instrument to identify top candidates for higher-level positions in the Air Force. Civilians who have at least a high-school diploma and are currently military members can take the SIFT exam and submit an application packet to be considered for the WOFT initiative. B) Hover Taxi If you need help preparing for your SIFT Exam, check out our SIFT Test Prep. The average amount of time you can afford per question is 6 seconds per question. ‘For every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction’ refers to…, A) Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion You should allow for at least two and a half hours to complete the entire testing process, which involves test registration, candidate verification, taking the test, and a permitted test interval.

The Complete SIFT Study Guide is the newest SIFT guide on the market and also the most complete. It may seem simple, but you’re racing against a very unforgiving clock. of Questions: 10

Your email address will not be published. How do you find the nearest testing location to take the SIFT exam? The nature of extraction could be from mechanical concepts, written passages, or simple machines. Using years of experience and the information from previous proctors, we’ve created a full free online SIFT Practice Test for you to use. A) Static Friction & Diversionary Friction

Locations that typically administer the SIFT are: You will need to schedule your SIFT exam at the place in which you intend to take the test. of Questions: 25 Our product is not endorsed by ETS.

Are all sections of the SIFT are equal predictors of your Aviation training performance? B) John enjoys flying


However, you will have to wait six (6) months before you take your shot at the second attempt. If you do not practice doing this or train your mind to operate this way, best of luck…you’re seriously going to need it. What would happen if I run out of time to answer a few questions on one of the sections?

Time to Complete: 5 min. 2020 — UGO Prep — Sitemap. B) Only direction

This section doesn’t have a specific time per question considering the adaptive nature. Bernoulli’s Principle primarily relates to…, A) Helicopter payload capacity This too is a very simple exercise if you have the time.

Preparation for a standardized test can be exhausting in an already busy schedule.

The practice test consists of seven sections featuring 20-101 questions each that test your skills in: simple drawing, hidden figures, aviation information, spatial apperception, reading comprehension, math skills, and mechanical comprehension Learn where you want, when you want. You will be told to see the Test Control Officer or Test Examiner to receive your score letter. However, if you don’t have a practical understanding of aviation concepts, you should still be able to qualify for the Aviation training program. We know that you want to do well on your SIFT exam but just can’t seem to find the time to study. It was designed to test a candidate’s ability to read and interpret information as well as the sub context of the meaning. Currently, the minimum qualifying score to be considered or the Army’s Aviation program is 40. C) Both magnitude and direction This adds a very unique approach to this line of questioning. Similarly, it also assesses your practical application to check mental rotations and find out if you can pinpoint an aircraft’s orientation in 3D space.

Again, you’ll need to really focus on your weak points in to ace this part of the exam. B) Newton’s 1st Law of Motion Above all else, buying a good quality SIFT study guide will give you the best chance to delve deep into each SIFT section and identify your weaknesses by taking in-depth SIFT practice tests. 2.

Time to Complete: 4 min.

A) Ground Taxi

In order to best be prepared for this section, you’ll need to look over the following topics at a minimum: It may seem like a lot, but trust us…. 1. C) A front and a rear rotor spinning in counter directions Military Flight Tests © 2017 All Rights Reserved. Despite what you may have heard, you can currently take the exam in the English language only.

The Army Aviation Information part of the SIFT exam features 40 questions that need to be completed in only 30 minutes. PrepTerminal is a premium online resource for psychometric test preparation. SIFT Army Aviation Information Practice Test.

D) None of the above. A type of rotorcraft. Therefore, try to attempt each section with the best of your abilities.

Directions: For the following questions, choose either the word which best completes the sentence, or choose the answer that could only be inferred from the passage itself. Our all in one portal allows you to practice questions, view videos, read expert written articles and access information on SIFT Testing Service all in one! Set your alarm so that you have enough time to get ready without being rushed. B) Slightly more than 50% of students enjoyed their experience C) A nose rotor to balance torque

Test. You don’t have to pay any sum to attempt the SIFT exam. Hopefully, you found this short sample of SIFT test type questions useful. Which SIFT section renders the highest score to your final score?

When completing this section try to remember that it is your view from the cockpit, so you can attempt to imagine yourself in the aircraft and envisage what it would look like. On the other hand, the validity of “1” predicts your training grades. A SIFT practice test is one of the best ways to prepare for the Selection Instrument for Flight Training. This section was designed to test an individual’s skill to quickly find hidden shapes inside a drawing.

Flashcards. C) Kinetic Friction & Diversionary Friction

Is SIFT retake a good choice, or are there a few strings attached? D) Air Taxi, A) Overcoming weight This section of the exam is to test a candidates ability to quickly see images and decipher a difference in the options.

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