south park phone destroyer tier list

Robo Bebe. Some of you know me on the discord, some of you may know me from reddit posts. This tier list is based on what you Insert New Kids Name) will see when going up against another player based on themes. It's a strange bug. Edit - This is also to help out new players as well as players who have not yet started the game help them focus on which cards to level. Rarity determines how often you will find these cards while playing the game.

Going by highest total DPS (at friendly levels) I believe Terrance & Philip takes first place (excluding swarms) with DogPoo and Pocahontas Randy at second and third place respectively. is the next step from the South Park Phone Destroyer spreadsheet. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

2) Satan is there to deal with the enemies if the tactic fails the first time. Low cost rare fighters guarantee your good rotation. I’m glad if nothing else my Tier list inspired you to make this one and now I can kick back and utilize this one. Open the game with any of them: Zen Cartman, Sixth Element Randy, Enforcer Jimmy, Space Warrior Token or Mecha Timmy, or control a fucking dougie. Also, the content on this website should not be viewed by anyone. He offers good synergy with fireball and Marine Craig (who as you pointed out, once leveled up is incredibly good). is the next step from the South Park Phone Destroyer spreadsheet. What do u feel both Awesome-o and gnomes should be at? her stats are pretty garbage and its highly unlikely to get 3+ units around her to be worth it (and when sorrounded she melts due to fairly low HP), could you clarify on what makes her good....terrence flies at 1 more cost and does the damage safely. Cock magic is optional and you can use Dwarf King Clyde as an alternative. Visitors are fast and op with ATK boost. share. I decided to create a website and here it is! What even...?

I accidentally placed her there but it wouldn't let me take her off the tier list somehow. 4) Mind control should not be wasted and is important to keep it for those pesky fucking Dougies. Thank you. As a Mystic user with a Level 3 Stan, I’m curious. hide. All units should have their attack speeds normalised by grouping. SHITPOST .

This tier list in no way reflects on a specific rank. How is Program Stan mid tier but Poseidon Stan top tier? Fight epic real-time PvP battles and experience a hilarious single player story created in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios! I've created a tier list for all fighter units based on time per each hit on an enemy.

Please let me know what you think of this tier list.

when can we expect an initial evaluation of medusa bebe and hercules clyde? HP 2791 | Bar 930 | Zap 38 | Shockwave 465, HP 2397 | Bar 799 | Zap 34 | Shockwave 400, HP 2586 | Bar 862 | Zap 36 | Shockwave 431, Region: Asia (but always matched with EU), South Park Phone Destroyer stats dot com announcement blog post. Good list.

If he deals with Mimsy, Assassins (or flock of birds/rats) help take down MBP. After Satan is dropped start building up just like with Zen or Randy. Or at the very least you should be able to see unit attack speed values on their cards instead of it being a hidden stat... Sally is not a fighter And the bird can't attack. Before we get into this tier list, I would like to point out that I am currently a high ranked PvP player that has been playing everyday.

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