subroza csgo cheating

I don’t think returning to the CLG lineup is an option I am thinking of, or ever will think of, maybe one day you never know. You may be wondering that this website is about? [CSGO] Subroza possibly cheating in CSGO On r/vacsucks , yesterday someone found out that Subroza, the new pickup for the clg csgo team, had an account from a website called MPGH. This guy took out his ♥♥♥♥ing aim hacks on stream. However, I’d imagine it was a different feeling as a pro, especially when it’s coming from a community figure like Richard Lewis. Fan subreddit for the esports organization, Counter Logic Gaming. /u/HotshotGG to avoid any PR problems in your near future, assuming this sort of thing was included in your player contract as breaking I would suggest whoever handles your IT be allowed to do some investigation (Creatively I can think of a few ways that one could verify there aren't 3rd party programs being run to interfere). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

You unfortunately were under the microscope of the community and were accused of cheating, something that can sometimes be a funny badge of honor when you’re just pugging. Why is this significant? We definitely were progressing and learning, what people don't see is the hours we were putting in daily towards our goals, I could see us becoming a great team if we fixed small issues we had in high pressure moments and with a little bit more time for sure. What else can you say about your time with the team? I wish you the best. Would you say there was a sense of progression for the roster(s) you were on? This evidence is pretty damning, hope the team will look into it. Never once did i think he was hacking. Sadly, I'm losing faith in Sub. I actually haven't seen any of his gameplay videos yet, IDK who he is... in what team does he play? because Subroza had the text "AVA Hacks" in his about me page on the website, and yesterday when someone posted it on r/vacsucks, he realized this and quickly removed the text from his about me page on MPGH. Subroza came into a struggling CLG in August 2016, but they continued to struggle in their international and domestic events, which eventually led the 19-year-old to leave the team on Feb. 13. theScore esports caught up with Subroza to ask about his departure and he opened up about his time with CLG and his apparent loss of confidence from the repeated cheating accusations from the community. He's done this in csgo and valorant and you can't cheat in valorant. i posted this in another comment, but anyways, here is proof that suborza owns this mpgh account for those denying it even subroza himself is denying it: i can prove 100% he owns the account on That box shot in the first clip also confused the shit out of me... got me very worried.

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