taurus g3 vs glock 19

The Glock 17 did well in the American commercial market but many buyers clamored for a handgun with a shorter barrel and slightly shorter magazine, resulting in the Glock 19. But you could, you know, just buy something else. Security and military personnel around the world often go for the HK over a Glock and we kind of agree with them. It’s also a beautiful gun, and that counts for something. So here are live links to guns in stock, right now, at our favorite dealers. Also like the Glock, the G3 can carry up to fifteen rounds of nine millimeter Luger ammunition in a double stack magazine.

It was at a writer’s event in Florida some months ago. But you are getting an all-metal striker-fired gun loaded with novel anti-recoil technology that marks it apart as something special. A lot of cops and military are ditching their Glocks for this solid beast from the Czech Republic. A huge range of CZ handguns at Sportsman’s Warehouse. OK, the HK is actually more expensive than the Glock, but pretty much everyone that has one, loves it. It’s a simple, honest gun, then , that does the basics right. Patrick Sweeney is the author of many of Gun Digest books' best-selling titles, including Gun Digest Book of the 1911, Vols. All gun makers do. This puts the Brazilian polymer parabellum a good bit cheaper than comparable Smiths or Glocks which notably have more modular grips through the use of interchangeable palm swells, a feature not shared by the Taurus. People loved the sub-compact and we’re seeing the same trend with this cut-price handgun. | USA Gun Shop, 11 Instant Upgrades For The Glock 19 | USA Gun Shop, 20 Best Concealed Carry Guns – 2018 [Updated – New Winner!]

Now the shooting experience and the spec sheet are two different things, but the PSA Dagger is still a perfectly acceptable budget gun. Taurus says the trigger pull is 6 pounds. So it’s here, and we all have to deal with it. I have seen Glocks described as the Toyota Camry of the firearms world and I think it’s a fair call. Both are chambered for 9mm. The G3 costs less than half the price of the Austrian pistol, and if history is any guide is likely less reliable.

If you have bigger hands, this is the gun you want. when asked to, and when I was doing my part, the plates got hammered. Offered in six models differing in finishes (matte black carbon steel or stainless steel) and double-stack magazine capacity (10, 15, and 17 rounds), all G3 variants come in 9x19mm with a 4-inch barrel. The fiber optic night sights come as standard and they are awesome. That’s a hard hand to beat! With Ruger, you either instinctively think of the bargain bucket Ruger Security 9 or the altogether more impressive Ruger SR9. It’s the right size to just about use it as an EDC and it’s really all the gun you will ever need. This article first appeared in 2019. In this episode of TFB TV, Hop shoots the Taurus G3 to see how it compares to Taurus’ own TH9, and to find out if it can punch above its price bracket. You can use it for concealed carry, it’s accurate enough that it’s a perfectly viable home defense gun and it can go with you everywhere.

Unlock additional features, and fewer ads while browsing. Price is the big USP with the Taurus G3 and you can get two of these handguns for the price of one spanking new Glock 19. Agency Arms and ZEV technologies have turned custom Glocks into an art form. So there’s that. Taurus G3 -- Poor man's Glock 19... Hi all, I plan to write a full "review" once I get a chance to go to the range, but I just picked up a Taurus G3 for $249 at Academy after watching numerous videos and reading articles, all of which had literally nothing but positives to say about this gun. We like this first entry into the world of matte black plastic too. Depending upon where the buyer lives G3, comes with an extended 17-round magazine and a flush-fit 15-round magazine, two 15 rounders or two 10-rounders. The G3’s sights are best described as inexpensive and consist of a single white dot post at the front of the slide and two dots on a Novak-style rear post. You can almost get two of them for the price of a Glock 19, too. As for the Taran Glock, I have it in a few other places, including this custom Glock post. G3.

This defined the “sweet spot” for many compact nine millimeter handguns, and Brazil’s Taurus steps into that spot with the G3 pistol. Sorry I couldn’t help it.

With a G19 currently showing up in gun shops right at the $500 level, the Taurus G3, with a list price of $345, wins.

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