who is hayley turner married too

Hayley then hands over Hope to Kat and walks off. Later Hayley's mother Bev Slater arrives on the square, promising Hayley that she is a changed woman and she came to see her because she found out she was pregnant. Hayley is first seen in Walford taking photos of Stacey and Martin Fowler. Stacey and Jean then tell Mo off for bringing up the subject. DWTS champion siblings Derek and Julianne Hough promised a spectacular show in their NBC special, Holiday with the Houghs, on December 16. Kat brings up Hayley's birthday, and the fact it's tomorrow. Yes, Hayley Hasselhoff is the daughter of David 'Baywatch' Hasselhoff. She sees Keanu looking miserable and tells him that the will be miserable together. Mariam asks Hayley to look after her foster child Harley, while she finishes cooking.

Hollywood news. Kat comes down on the phone and wakes the baby. Jean then goes after her and Hayley confides in her that she is pregnant.

She asks Kush if he would like to see Arthur christened but Kush replies saying that he is a Muslim. Daughters Kat tells Hayley that the best for her baby is not with Bev but Hayley apologizes and goes home with Bev and the baby, leaving Kat crying in the middle of the hospital.

Kat asks if Hayley is awake yet, to which Jean says she wanted to let Hayley sleep.

Hayley has had a hard life and has turned to drink most of the time thinking it would solve it. Great-uncles After a long time of trying, Jean eventually convinces Hayley to get down. While they were dating each other, things were not as smooth as they would want thus, following bitter arguments, they split a year after they began dating. Alfie tries ringing Kat again but she ignores him.

First Appearance

Kat, Mo, Stacey and Jean worry frantic about Hayley and the baby, thinking she has done a runner.

Jean then decides to see Martin and Kush to see how they would feel about having the children christened. When asking how much Hayley will get out of it, Bev says she cannot be trusted with money but will give her money for a flat and plans to support her. She tells her to stop being selfish and to get down but she doesn't listen and tells Kat she will really do it, just as she stands up with her arms out. And no doubt, Kyle has been having great times with Vicky and enjoying every bit of their relationship. Hayley Slater The pair talk and Alfie asks about Kat because Kat's son Tommy (who is the biological son of Alfie's brother Michael Moon) and Kat and Alfie's twin boys Ernie and Bert need to see their mum as Aflie is currently raising them after a fall out with Kat - which has made Kat refuse to even see her boys. Meanwhile while sitting in the café, Kat notices Masood carrying nappy's and asks him who they are for.

By using MarriedDivorce.com you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kat tells her she can't, as the baby isn't a month old yet. Hayley becomes stressed in Honey Mitchell's shop when she cant figure out what size nappies to buy the baby. After realising that Hayley is not coping, Kat suggests that she and Alfie look after Cherry.

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